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7.03.07 - Population dynamics of forest insects



Biological invasions in forests: trade, ecology and management

Prague, Czech Republic; 20-24 September 2021
Units involved: 7.03.07, 7.03.12, 8.02.04

Topics covered by the conference:

  • Invasions of non-native insects, tree pathogens, plants and other organisms in forest ecosystems
  • The role of trade and travel as pathways for invasions
  • Ecology and impact of non-native species in forests
  • Management of invasions / Biosecurity


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Jean-Noel Candau, Canada


Natalia Kirichenko, Russian Federation

About Unit

This Working Party advances studies of the dynamics of forest insect populations and their impacts by stimulating communication and co-operation among interested scientists, foresters, and students world-wide. This emphasis provides opportunities to integrate across a range of forest insects and scientific disciplines so that connections with other IUFRO Working Parties are a priority. Meetings are anticipated every 1-2 years.

State of Knowledge

Emphasis is placed on understanding the factors affecting the dynamics of forest insect populations and their impacts in space and time, forecasting future population levels and impacts, and studying how those factors might be used to influence future population levels and impacts.