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Publications and references

All-Division 7 conference; online and Lisbon, Portugal; 6-9 September 2022. Proceedings

Mixed species forests: Risks, Resilience and Management; Lund, Sweden; 25-27 March 2020. Units involved: 1.01.06, 1.01.10, 1.09.00, 7.03.00, 8.02.01. (cancelled due To COVID-19 Outbreak).  Book of Abstracts (3 MB, PDF)   

del Rio, M., M. Löf, A. Bravo-Oviedo & H. Jactel (eds.) 2021: Mixed species forests. Risks, resilience and management. Forest Ecology and Management Special Issue, 24 peer-reviewed articles available online at

Special Issue: Forest Health in a Changing World. Proceedings from several Division 7 sessions at the 2014 IUFRO Wolrd Congress in Salt Lake City. Forestry Volume 89, Issue 3; July 2016; ISSN 0015-752X; EISSN 1464-3626.    

IUFRO Forest Entomology – Forest Pathology Joint Meeting; Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay; 8-11 November 2011. Units involved: 7.02.00, 7.03.00. List of Abstracts

Alien arthropods of Europe. Alain ROQUES, Marc KENIS, David LEES, Carlos LOPEZ-VAAMONDE, Wolfgang RABITSCH, Jean-Yves RASPLUS and David B. ROY (eds.). Pensoft publishers. 2010. This book presents the 1590 exotic species already established in Euope. Note: all chapters are downloadable for free at the following adress:

Proceedings of an International Forest Biosecurity Conference, IUFRO RG7.03.00, 7.02.00, co-sponsored by Div. 1 and Div. 8; Rotorua, New Zealand; 16-20 March 2009. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science Vols. 40 and 40 suppl. (2010). 

Proceedings of a joint 7.03 and 8.02.02 conference held in Hanmer Springs, New Zealand, in August 2004: "The ecology of forest insect invasions and advances in their management", Canadian Journal of Forest Research, Volume 36, Number 2, February 2006.
The introduction and summary paper of these proceedings:
Brockerhoff EG, Liebhold AM, Jactel H. 2006. The ecology of forest insect invasions and advances in their management. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 36, 263-268.      

Publications of Interest

Hlásny, T., Krokene, P., Liebhold, A., Montagné-Huck, C., Müller, J., Qin, H., Raffa, K., Schelhaas, M-J., Seidl, R., Svoboda, M., Viiri, H. 2019. Living with bark beetles: impacts, outlook and management options. From Science to Policy 8. European Forest Institute. Number of pages: 52. ISBN 978-952-5980-75-2 (print) - ISBN 978-952-5980-76-9 (online).