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Building a Successful Forestry Career in Africa

New book by the Joint IUFRO-IFSA Task Force on Forest Education provides inspiration and tips for the next generation of African foresters.

Are you looking for a degree that allows you to develop your capacities, discover your passion, contribute to society, earn a living, and become a successful professional? 

A forestry or forestry-related degree could be just right for you!

This book:

  • features 23 inspiring stories of selected students, and young and established forestry professionals from 12 African countries, who have defied all odds with purpose, passion, as well as determination, and made giant strides in building a successful career in the forest sector;
  • provides information about universities in Africa offering forest-related  degree programmes, and local and international organizations providing networking opportunities to forestry students and early career professionals;
  • gives valuable tips on securing scholarships to pursue forestry programmes; and
  • provides insights into exciting forestry career opportunities beyond the forests.

This book is an output of the Young African Forestry Professionals Publications project (YAFP), an initiative of the Joint IUFRO-IFSA Task Force on Forest Education and IUFRO-SPDC.

Recommended citation
Onatunji, A. B., Owuor, J. A., Rodriguez-Piñeros, S., Babalola, F. D., Akello, S. and Adeyemi, O., 2021. Building a Successful Forestry Career in Africa: Inspirational Stories and Opportunities. International Union of Forest Research Organizations, Vienna, Austria. 120 p
ISBN Number: 978-3-903345-09-6

Virtual launch event recording:
YAFP Book Launch events: A Resounding Success Story. By Annie Biju
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Download the English and French versions of the book:
Building a successful forestry career in Africa (pdf)
Réussir sa carriere dans le domaine de la foresterie en Afrique (pdf)