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Proceedings of IUFRO Meetings in 1996

Please find below IUFRO conference proceedings that were submitted electronically.

If the proceedings of your IUFRO conference or meeting are not yet online, kindly contact us at office(at) Next to the electronic version we will be also happy to archive printed courtesy copies of your conference proceedings.


Conference title: IUFRO Conference on Growth Studies in Tropical Moist Forests in Africa
Conference date: 11-15 November 1996
Conference place: Kumasi, Ghana
Research unit(s): 1.07.00, 4.01.00, 4.02.03
Language: English
Author(s): E.G. Foli, J.K. Vanclay, A. Ofosu-Asiedu (eds.)
Publication year: not indicated
Page(s): 231
Link to online file (19.5 MB)


Conference title: Population Dynamics, Impacts, and Integrated Management of Forest Defoliating Insects
Conference date: 18-23 August 1996
Conference place: Banská Štiavnica, Slovak Republic
Research unit(s): 7.03.06, 7.03.07
Language: English
Author(s): M.L. McManus, A.M. Liebhold (eds.)
Publication year: 1998
Page(s): 352
Links to online files:
Part A - pages 1 to 69  (9 MB)
Part B - pages 70 to 142  (9.1 MB)
Part C - pages 143 to 212  (9.9 MB)
Part D - pages  213 to 291  (8.2 MB)
Part E - pages  292 to 352  (10.5 MB)