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1.07.00 - Silviculture and management of threatened and endangered tree species


K.K.N. Nair, India


Margaret Devall, United States

About Unit

The Research Group on Silviculture and Management of Threatened and Endangered Tree Species is an interdisciplinary association of scientists from boreal, temperate and tropical forested areas, who are interested in cooperating and sharing information on rare tree species.

State of Knowledge

Although much silvicultural information is available for common tree species, information for many rare species is extremely scarce or lacking.  Progress in maintaining and restoring these species depends on our ability to fill in the gaps in our knowledge of silviculture.  The survival and persistence of many threatened and endangered tree species is in doubt.  There is a lack of information on silviculture and management of these species.  Often information is lacking on natural stands, nursery practices, plantation establishment and management and utilization of these species.  Data is needed on seed germination and seed storage of rare tree species a well as on care of seedlings, genetic diversity, reproductive biology, seed dispersal, and insects and diseases. Modeling could assess the potential for survival. When forest restoration occurs, there is an opportunity to establish these threatened and endangered species, if enough information exists, and to increase biodiversity of the restored area. Restoration of degraded land is occurring in various parts of the world and provides an opportunity to restore rare trees and shrubs and increase biodiversity of the area provided silvicultural information is available.