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Activities and events

No upcoming meetings found for Unit 8.01.04.

Calendar of Meetings

Past meetings

    • 2nd Dresden Nexus Conference: Session A.4 - Water and Soil Related Ecosystem Services provided by Forests and Agroforestry Systems; Dresden, Germany; 17-19 May 2017. Conference homepage  
    • Final Conference on COST Action FP601: Managed Forests in Future Landscapes - Implications for Water and Carbon Cycles; Santiago de Compostela, Spain; 8-11 May 2011. Conference homepage - Report
    • International Workshop on Water Management through Forest Management – Contributions towards securing the resources and mitigation of floods; Beijing, China; November 12-16, 2007 – Workshop Annoucement – Registration Form – Workshop summary – Conference Program)

      The presentations (pdf-images) in order of their appearance at the workshop can be found in the 'Publications and references' section. 
    • "The Role of Forests and Forest Management in the Water Cycle" - An international symposium supported by Sino-German Center for Research Promotion of DFG and NSFC; Dresden, Germany; 28-20 November 2006. For more information, click here.