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Activities and events

No upcoming meetings found for Unit 8.01.06.

Calendar of Meetings

The focus of Unit 8.01.06 overlaps to a large extent with the activities within IBFRA (International Boreal Forest Research Association). It has therefore been decided to coordinate future activities as much as possible.

Past IUFRO meetings

  • 20th IBFRA Conference: Climate Resilient and Sustainable Forest Management - IBFRA 2023; Helsinki, Finland; 28-31 August 2023. Conference homepage - Report
  • IBFRA Webinar - Sustainable management to enhance the resilience of boreal forests to climate change; online; 10 May 2023, 9 am EST. Speakers: Siyu Qiu (BFU,China); Xutong Yi (DRC of NFGA, China); Jingjing Qiao (BFU, China).
  • IBFRA Webinar - Climate change in diverse context of boreal forests; online; 8 March 2023, 5:00 pm CT / 6:00 pm EST. Speakers: Dr. Lee E. Frelich, Director, The University of Minnesota Center for Forest Ecology, US; Dr. Kazumichi Fujii, Senior researcher, Forestry and Forest products Research Institute, Japan; Makoto Kobayashi, Associate professor, Hokkaido University, Japan.
  • IBFRA Webinar - Economics of natural disturbances in forests; online; 18 January 2023, 5:00 pm EET / 4:00 pm CET / 10:00 am ET. Speakers: Olli-Pekka Kuusela (ETLA), Jasper Fuchs (Uni. Göttingen) Matthew Wibbenmeyer (RFF).
  • Advances in biomass remote sensing - special emphasis on boreal forests; online; 7 December 2022, 04:00 PM CET. Registration - Report 
  • IBFRA 2021: Changing Boreal Biomes. online; 16-20 August 2021. Conference homepage   
  • Digital ALPTREES Conference 2021: Sustainable Use and Management of Non-Native Trees in Urban, Peri-Urban and Forest Ecosystems in the Alpine Region; online; 25-26 February 2021. Conference homepage         
  • Session 12: Ecology and silviculture of spruce in the boreal forest; at 2021 IBFRA Conference: Changing Boreal Biome – Identifying emerging trajectories and assessing vulnerability and resilience of boreal ecosystems and their socio-economical implications. online; 16-20 August 2021. Conference homepage - Session announcement - Report   
  • Session at the 4th All-Russia Scientific Conference with International Participation: "Scientific Basis for Sustainable Forest Management"; hybrid: online and Moscow, Russia; 27-30 October 2020. Conference homepage - Report - Video recording of conference             
  • 18th International Boreal Research Association Conference Cool forests at risk? The critical role of boreal and mountain ecosystems for people, bioeconomy, and climate; Laxenburg, Austria; 17-20 September 2018. Conference homepageSpecial Issue
  • Climate-Induced range shifts in boreal forest pests and their ecological, economic and social consequences; Baie-Comeau, Sept-Iles, Quebec, Canada; 11-15 July 2016. Units involved: 8.01.06, 7.03.05, 7.03.07.  Conference homepage - Conference poster - Report 
  • 17th International Boreal Research Association Conference "IBFRA2015"; Rovaniemi, Finland; 24-29 May 2015. Units involved: 1.01.01, 8.0.06. Special Issue
  • 16th International Boreal Forest Research Association (IBFRA) Conference; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; 7-10 October 2013. IUFRO Units involved: 1.01.01, 8.01.06.  Report  -  Final Report 
  • NASA Science Meeting, GOFC-GOLD Workshop, and Regional Conference "Impacts of extreme weather on natural, socio-economic, and land-use systems: Focus on the 2010 summer anomaly in the Volga region"; Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El, Russian Federation; 17-22 June 2012. Report
  • International Boreal Forest Research Association (IBFRA): 15th Scientific Conference: Boreal Forests in a Changing World: Challenges and Needs for Actions; Krasnoyarsk, Russia; 15-21 August 2011. Conference program