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Publications and references

6th International Workshop on the Genetics of Tree-Parasite Interactions: Tree Resistance to Insects and Diseases: Putting Promise into Practice; Mt. Sterling, Ohio, USA; 5-10 August 2018. Units involved: 2.02.15, 7.03.11, IUFRO Task Force on Forests and Biological Invasions. Proceedings (10.9 MB, PDF)


"Special Issue on Biological Invasions in Forests" in the journal "Biological Invasions". 25 papers written by Task Force members. Links to each of these papers can be found in the introductory paper at    

List of individual papers:

  • Allen E, Noseworthy M, Ormsby M (2017) Phytosanitary measures to reduce the movement of forest pests with the international trade of wood products. Biol Invas; DOI
  • Brockerhoff EG, Liebhold AM (2017) Ecology of forest insect invasions. Biol Invas; DOI
  • Csóka G, Stone GN, Melika G (2017) Non-native gall-inducing insects on forest trees: a global review. Biol Invas; DOI
  • Epanchin-Niell R (2017) Economics of invasive species policy and management. Biol Invas; DOI
  • Eschen R, Douma JC, Grégoire J-C, Mayer F, Rigaux L, Potting RPJ (2017) A risk categorisation and analysis of the geographic and temporal dynamics of the European import of plants for planting. Biol Invas; DOI
  • Ghelardini L, Luchi N, Pecori F, Pepori AL, Danti R, Rocca GD, Capretti P, Tsopelas P, Santini A (2017) Ecology of invasive forest pathogens. Biol Invas; DOI
  • Gray DR (2017) Risk analysis of the invasion pathway of the Asian gypsy moth: a known forest invader. Biol Invas; DOI
  • Hurley B, Slippers B, Sathyapala S, Wingfield MJ,  (2017) Challenges to planted forest health in developing economies. Biol Invas; DOI
  • Kenis M, Hurley BP, Hajek AE, Cock MJ (2017) Classical biological control of insect pests of trees: facts and figures. Biol Invas; DOI
  • Latham AD, Warburton B, Byrom AE, Pech RP (2017) The ecology and management of mammal invasions in forests. Biol Invas; DOI
  • Liebhold AM, Brockerhoff EG, Kalisz S, Nuñez MA, Wardle DA, Wingfield, MJ (2017) Biological Invasions in Forest Ecosystems. Biol Invas; DOI:
  • Liebhold, AM, Brockerhoff EG, Nuñez MA. 2017. Biological invasions in forest ecosystems: a global problem requiring international and multidisciplinary integration. Biological Invasions; DOI
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  • Muzika RM (2017) Silviculture for management and restoration of forests affected by invasive species. Biol Invas (BINV-D-17-00157R1)
  • Nuñez MA, Chiuffo MC, Torres A, Paul T, Dimarco R, Raal P, Policelli N, Moyano J, García RA, van Wilgen BW, Pauchard A, Richardson DM (2017) Ecology and management of invasive Pinaceae around the world: Progress and challenges. Biol Invas; DOI
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  • Ormsby M, Brenton-Rule E (2017) A review of global instruments to combat invasive alien species in forestry. Biol Invas; DOI
  • Sniezko RA, Koch J (2017) Breeding trees resistant to insects and diseases - putting theory into application. Biol Invas; DOI
  • Wardle DA, Peltzer DA. Impacts of invasive biota in forest ecosystems in an aboveground–belowground context. Biol Invas; DOI
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Other references

Interdisciplinary IUFRO Task Force synthesizes diverse knowledge on biological invasions in forests; Article on the Task Force in the December SAF International Forestry Working Group Newsletter, pp. 10-11. PDF for download  

Send comments to Andrew Liebhold (Task Force Coordinator)