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World Congress 2005

XXII IUFRO World Congress 2005 - Brisbane, Australia, 8-13 August 2005
Forests in the Balance: Linking Tradition and Technology

Congress Website (at the time, now not available anymore):

Opening Speech of IUFRO President - Speech of President Elect - Congress Resolutions - Congress Report - Abstracts - Daily Newsletter - Keynote Speeches - President's Discussion - Directors' Forum - Decisions of International Council - Honours and Awards - Congress Statistics - Photo Gallery

Opening Speech of IUFRO President

IUFRO President Risto Seppälä, Finland, welcomed the delegates to the Congress in the Opening Ceremony on Monday, 8 August 2005.

Find his speech here.

Speech of the President Elect at the Closing Ceremony

President Elect Professor Don Koo Lee, Republic of Korea, addressed the delegates during the Closing Ceremony of the Congress.

Please find his message here.

Congress Resolutions

The Congress Resolutions were presented in the Closing Ceremony of the Congress on 13 August 2005 by Executive Secretary Peter Mayer.

English version  -  French version  -  Spanish version  -  German version

Congress Report

Find more than 150 pages of information about the Congress: ceremonies, scientific programme, special events, tours, the Congress evaluation...

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The abstracts of all Congress sessions were published as a special volume of the International Forestry Review and distributed at the Congress. The volume can be downloaded here: Congress Abstracts

Daily Newsletter

A newsletter was issued daily to present the highlights of each Congress day.

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Friday - Saturday

Keynote Speeches

The keynote speakers were:

  • Monday:
    Ariel E Lugo, Puerto Rico: "Conservation challenges to tropical forestry"
  • Tuesday:
    Eugene van As, South Africa: "The importance of wood science and forest science in helping developing countries develop viable forest industries"
  • Wednesday:
    Joseph Gosnell, Canada: "Harvesting and management of natural resources under the Nisga's final agreement"
  • Friday:
    Lisa Sennerby-Forsse, Sweden: "The role of science in developing sound environmental policies that transcend national boundaries"
  • Saturday:
    Tricia Caswell, Austrialia: "The contribution of forest industries to global sustainability"

President's Discussion: Research to Cope with Global Change

Wednesday, 10 August 2005, 13:30 - 15:30 hrs.

Presentations in the President's Discussion were made by:

Please find the Report of the President's Discussion here.

Directors' Forum

Wednesday, 10 August 2005, 16:00 - 17:30 hrs.

Directors and heads of forest research and education organizations met on Wednesday, 10 August 2005, to discuss common challenges and problems and to deliberate the future cooperation of forest research and education organizations. The Directors’ Forum was the first of its kind of a global scope. It was hosted jointly by IUFRO, CSIRO and the Congress Organizing Committee and chaired by Dr. Colin Dyer (Institute of Commercial Forestry Research, South Africa).

Presentations were made by:

Please find the Report of the Directors' Forum here.

Decisions of the International Council

In its two meetings during the Congress week, the International Council, took important decisions:

The New Team

  • President: Don Koo Lee, Republic of Korea
  • Vice-President Policy: John Innes, Canada
  • Vice-President Science: Niels Elers Koch, Denmark

The New Board

Division Coordinators:

  • Division 1: Björn Hånell, Sweden
  • Division 2: Bailian Li, United States
  • Division 3: Hans Rudolf Heinimann, Switzerland
  • Division 4: Margarida Tomé, Portugal
  • Division 5: Dave Cown, New Zealand (Cathy Wang, China-Taipei)
  • Division 6: Perry Brown, United States
  • Division 7: Mike Wingfield, South Africa
  • Division 8: Alex Mosseler, Canada

General Board Members:

  • Mohammed Ellatifi, Morocco
  • Vitor Hoeflich, Brazil
  • Roberto Ipinza, Chile
  • Su See Lee, Malaysia
  • Shirong Liu, China
  • Tohru Nagashizuka, Japan
  • Piotr Paschalis-Jakubowicz, Poland
  • Heinrich Spiecker, Germany
  • Victor K. Teplyakov, Russia

Venue of Congress 2010

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Honours and Awards presented during the Congress

Honorary Membership

IUFRO is proud to announce that Honorary Membership was conferred upon three current and former officeholders:
They are: 

  • Jeffery Burley, Immediate Past President
  • Heinrich Schmutzenhofer, former Executive Secretary
  • Les Whitmore, former Vice-President Administration

Best Poster Award

The winners of the Best Poster Awards are:

  • Division 1: Carl Höcke, Freiburg University, Germany
    Poster #669: "Long-term effects of forest fertilization on ground vegetation in the northern Black Forest, Germany"
  • Division 2: Tasmien Horsley, Terry Stanger, Sappi Forests Research; S. Johnson, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
    Poster #18: "Overcoming biological barriers to hybrid seed production in Eucalyptus"
  • Division 3: John Yarie, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
    Poster #473: "Decomposition of coarse woody debris in the boreal forest of interior Alaska"
  • Division 4 & 6: Johanna Pohjola, Finnish Forest Research Institute; L. Valsta, J. Mononen, University of Helsinki, Finland
    Poster #682: "Economic analysis of carbon sequestration on stand level"
  • Division 5:
    Nigel Lim, Y. K. Pek, Sarawak Forestry Corporation, Malaysia
    Poster #16: "Evaluation of five reforestation species for manufacture of oriented strand board"
    Chih-Lung Cho, S.-Y. Wu, S.-U. Yeh, National Ilan University, China-Taipei
    Poster #799: "Improvement of the acoustic properties of Sitka spruce with chemical treatment"
  • Division 7: Eugene Hannon, N.T. Kittelson, J. J. Brown, Washington State University, USA
    Poster #836: "Managing intensively grown, irrigated hybrid poplars based on clonal susceptibility to Poplar/Willow borer Cryptorhynchus lapathi (Curculionidae)"
  • Division 8: Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern, M. Pfeffer; Forest Research Centre; A. Bruckner, University of Life Sciences; W. Foissner, University of Salzburg; E. Hackl, A. Sessitsch, Austrian Research Centres; N. Milasowszky, W. Waitzbauer, University of Vienna, Austria
    Poster #521: "Soil biodiversity and nutrient turnover in different forest types of Central Europe"
  • Task Force – The Role of Forests in Carbon Cycles, Sequestration and Storage: Michelle Slaney, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden; J. Medhurst, CRC/CSIRO Forestry, Australia; S. Linder, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden; G. Wallin, Goteborg University, Sweden
    Poster #210: "Spring phenology of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) at ambient and elevated [CO2] and temperature"

Distinguished Service Award

IUFRO's Distinguished Service Award was given to:

  • Gary Bacon, Chair of the Congress Organizing Committee
  • John Innes, Chair of the Congress Scientific Committee
  • Keith Rennolls, Deputy 4.03.00 - Informatics, modelling and statistics
  • Eric Teissier du Cros, IUFRO Vice-President Science

IUFRO World Congress Host Scientific Award
Scientific Achievement Award
Outstanding Doctoral Research Award
IUFRO Student Award for Excellence in Forest Science

For more information please download here the special issue of IUFRO News dedicated to the winners of these awards.

Congress Statistics

  • Number of participants: 2,100
  • Number of countries: 96
  • Number of presentation: 700
  • Number of posters: 700

Please click here to see the list of Congress delegates.

Photo Gallery

See the highlights of the Congress:

Opening of the Congress - Congress stamps - Posters - Honours and Awards - Dignitaries - Party Time