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5.01.07 - Tree ring analysis



Tree Rings in Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology - TRACE 2016

This conference will be held in Białowieża, Poland on 11-15 May 2016. TRACE 2016 seeks to strengthen the networking and scientific exchange of scientists and students involved in the study of tree-rings. Its aim is to present and discuss new discoveries and approaches in tree-ring science. The scope of the meeting includes all fields of dendrochronology and its application in archaeology, climatology, geomorphology, glaciology, fire history, forest dynamics, ecology, plant anatomy, hydrology and physiology, including the use of stable isotopes. Details at

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Fidel Alejandro Roig, Argentina


Margaret Devall, United States

About Unit


To increase the visibility of tree ring research in the forest science community. Connecting people interested in tree rings worldwide by exchanging knowledge and ideas.


In 1989 during the All Division 5 Conference in Sao Paulo "Tree Ring Analysis" was established as a Project Group P 5.05 chaired by Dr. Gordon Jacoby. Later, Dr. Fritz H. Schweingruber took over responsibilies and in 1992 well-attended sessions were held during the All-Division 5 Conference in Nancy, France. In 1994, a tree-ring-analysis-in-tropical-trees workshop was organized in Kuala Lumpur together with IAWA (International Association of Wood Anatomists). During a later meeting in Sopron, Hungary, the IUFRO Executive Board accepted a new divisional structure. "Tree Ring Analysis" was considered as a separate IUFRO Unit (5.09). Dr. Rupert Wimmer and Dr. Roland E. Vetter coordinated the activities of "Tree Ring Analysis" from 1997-2000. In August, 2000 a session and a business meeting were held at the XXI IUFRO World Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From 2000-2005 the coordinator of the unit was Dr. Martin Worbes and the deputy coordinators were Dr. Margaret Devall and Dr. Nathsuda Pumijumnong. A session and a business meeting were held in Rotorua, New Zealand during the All Division 5 meeting in March, 2003. In 2005 "Tree Ring Analysis" became IUFRO Unit 5.01.07. The coordinator is Dr. Margaret Devall and the deputy coordinator is Dr. Paolo Cherubini. The unit held popular sessions and a well attended business meeting at the XXII IUFRO World Congress in Brisbane, Australia in August, 2005.

State of Knowledge

Basic ideas and principles of Tree Ring Analysis: