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IUFRO News Vol. 37, Issue 7/8, 2008

The roles of local knowledge and global policies in managing small-scale rural forests are discussed, and reports from Eurodendro 2008 and a conference on advances in forest entomology are published.

Double issue 7&8 of 2008 discusses the important role of local knowledge in managing small-scale rural forests and the impacts or implications of broader ‘global’ policies on small-scale-forestry. It also publishes reports from the Eurodendro 2008 conference on dendrochronology and from the South African conference on ‘Recent Advances in Forest Entomology’. In the meetings section, special attention is given to announcing the European Forest Week to be held in October 2008 in Brussels and Rome, and the XIII World Forestry Congress scheduled for October 2009 in Argentina.

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