IUFRO News, Volume 52, Double Issue 4&5, 2023

Cooperating Across Sectors for Resilient Landscapes

Report by Dr. Michael Kleine, IUFRO Deputy Executive Director, and Dr. Dinesh Kumar, ICFRE-Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, India


Degradation of forests and lands is posing a major challenge to environmental conservation and sustainable development all over the world, including in the South Asia region. A wide range of improved land management practices currently available in various sectors such as forestry, agriculture, mining and others have delivered success stories for restoring vital ecosystem functions as well as improving the livelihoods and well-being of local communities.

In response to a growing need for more information exchange and collective action by various sectors, an international symposium was organized in Dehradun, India, to bring together experts and scientists in the fields of forestry, agriculture, nature conservation, water resources management, mining and other related sectors and discuss forest landscape restoration (FLR) issues as well as share experiences on innovative approaches with a view to preparing strategies and roadmaps for the future.

The "International Symposium on Intersectoral Cooperation for Resilient Landscapes" on 29-30 March 2023 was kindly hosted by the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) and ICFRE-Forest Research Institute, Dehradun. ICFRE and IUFRO jointly organized the event, which attracted 225 in-person and 72 online participants and was preceded by the 62nd IUFRO Board meeting.

The following themes were discussed at the Symposium:

  • Biodiversity/nature conservation integration in FLR
  • Intersectoral coordination in policy and planning for FLR
  • Agriculture, agroforestry & food security
  • Governance issues and stakeholder engagement in FLR
  • Water resources, soils conservation and mining land restoration
  • Enhancing livelihoods, equity, and human well-being in FLR
  • Building resilience to climate change and its impacts in FLR
  • Integrated/cross-sectoral education and training
  • Experiences/case studies of sectoral integration for building resilient landscapes

Presentations and discussions at the meeting showed that emphasis is being placed on the use of nature-based solutions, indigenous species, cross-sectoral cooperation, upstream and down-stream integration, and on linking up landscape management with supply chain governance. Some of the keywords that should be included in the forest landscape restoration process are inclusion, sustainability, succession, biodiversity conservation and resilience.

There was consensus among participants that agroforestry can provide greater returns than conventional agriculture. Policy initiatives, availability of quality planting material and synergies between farmers and industry are needed to support agroforestry. Many speakers stressed the need to align policies and laws with the goals of FLR. Consequently, participants concluded that scientific and technical collaboration should be strengthened to guide FLR, issues of food security and climate change mitigation should be considered, and models for payment for ecosystem services should be encouraged during FLR.

Furthermore, stakeholder engagement, participation of local communities, empowerment of women and mutual learning strategies are considered vital for effective implementation. Equitable benefit sharing should be achieved with recognition of traditional knowledge. Finally, ideas, prescription, targets and pathways for FLR must be formulated and implemented, and field-based and classroom learning and training should be integrated in guided FLR implementation programs.

Papers and abstracts will be published in a special issue of the forestry journal The Indian Forester.

The meeting involved the IUFRO Board and the following IUFRO Units:
1.00.00 Silviculture https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-1/,
1.04.00 Agroforestry https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-1/10000/10400/ and
1.06.00 Restoration of Degraded Sites https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-1/10000/10600/.

It was kindly supported by the following sponsors:

National:  National CAMPA, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Government of India; Madhya Pradesh Forest Department, Bhopal; Department of Forests & Wildlife Preservation, Punjab; JSW Steel Limited, Bengaluru; Haryana Forest Department, Panchkula; Haryana Forest Development Corporation Limited, Panchkula; Department of Environment and Forests, Assam

International:  Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland; National Institute of Forest Science, Republic of Korea; United States Forest Service

Efforts in Mainstreaming Landscape Restoration Education into the Current Education Systems in South – East Asia: A Lesson Learned from IUFRO – ICFRE Symposium

Report by Annie Biju, Coordinator of the IUFRO-IFSA Joint Task Force on Forest Education https://www.iufro.org/science/task-forces/forest-education/
and a panelist at the session ‘Integrated/cross-sectoral education and training' of the IUFRO-ICFRE Symposium


The "International Symposium on Intersectoral Cooperation for Resilient Landscapes" also offered a delegation of students from the International Forestry Students' Association (IFSA https://ifsa.net/) an enriching experience and allowed them to gain knowledge first-hand from people involved in ecological restoration and working on ground in building climate resilient forests and landscape. The event helped to bring together different stakeholders and forestry students under one roof to deliberate the importance of an integrated/cross-sectoral approach for creating sustainable solutions to the problems associated with restoration. (…)

In her summing-up, Annie Biju says, "Educating young forestry graduates and professionals in Forest Landscape Resilience is of utmost importance to increase the number of competent personnel in the field to achieve the goals set for UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration 2030. Solutions to land degradation, climate change and restoration efforts of forests are multifold, cross-sectoral and require assistance from all the stakeholders for success. Mainstreaming education towards Intersectoral Cooperation will help to achieve sustainable, climate resilient landscapes around the world."

Read the full reporthttps://ifsa.net/ifsa-experience-in-international-symposium-on-intersectoral-cooperation-for-resilient-landscape-iufro-icfre/

Further reading: 
Article by Aditi Mishra on her experience as a lead speaker:  https://ifsa.net/nature-based-solution-iufro-2023/
Article by Ashilisha Tanwar summarizing the symposium from the IFSA delegate perspective:  https://ifsa.net/symposium-intersectoral-cooperation-resilient-landscapes-2023/
Summary page with IFSA delegation video:  https://ifsa.net/iufro-india-2023/

Scholarship Application Workshop

Report by Annie Biju, Coordinator of Joint IUFRO-IFSA Task Force (JTF) on Forest Education

Having a scholarship for pursuing a higher degree (be it Master's or PhD) has been the dream of many forestry students. As the sector of forestry turns more international with the rise of issues such as climate change, there are many institutions providing scholarships for forestry students. Scholarships may range from supporting studies abroad to internships or fellowships. Nevertheless, the requirements remain quite similar and commonly consist of a personal statement, research/project proposal and interview. These parts of the selection process are rarely addressed in the formal education of forestry students, which is why they usually seek advice in Youtube, free online learning courses or any other learning platform provided on the Internet on how to build a successful application. However, the samples of application that particularly discuss the topic of forestry are still scarce and need to be further facilitated.

The meeting featured two speakers, Dr. Fola Babalola, PhD, University of Ilorin and Dr. Sheila Ward, Executive Secretary, International Tropical Foresters Society.

Dr. Babalola elaborated on the personal statement and gave effective tips, which the students could use to make their personal statement stand out. He pointed out that the purpose of a personal statement is to highlight why you deserve the scholarship rather than the need of it. Dr. Ward addressed proposal writing for fellowships and spoke on strategies on how to make a strong proposal. She talked about where to find the fellowship for research, various parts of a research proposal and proposal reviews. Her presentation emphasized the need of successful research for fellowship applications.

The Joint Task Force plans to have a Best Practices Competition in 2023 to identify innovative forestry education practices from around the world post-Covid. The JTF is also organizing a Forest Education Symposium in collaboration with IUFRO Unit 6.09.00 https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-6/60000/60900/ to be held in Helsinki, Finland in October, 2023.

The workshop involved the Joint IUFRO – IFSA Task Force on Forest Education and was supported by both IUFRO and IFSA. The online meeting on 25 February 2023 gathered 50 participants from 20 different countries.

More Task Force Activitieshttps://www.iufro.org/science/task-forces/forest-education/activities/

Short Scientific Visits - Grant Opportunity

Apply by 31 July 2023

In 2023, IUFRO's Special Programme for Development of Capacities (SPDC) will offer grants of up to €5,000 for Short Scientific Visits https://www.iufro.org/science/special/spdc/sap/ssvgr23/ for early career scientists affiliated with IUFRO member organizations. These visits will provide a unique opportunity for young scientists from Africa, Asia and Latin America to visit a forest research organization overseas and conduct international scientific collaboration.

IUFRO is conscious of the importance of connecting the young forest science community to address challenges facing forests and forestry. Broadly, we strive to provide these future leaders with international experience to better equip them to address future global challenges and identify, create and fully utilize emerging opportunities.

The desired outcome is to provide both the grantee and their affiliated organization with the opportunity to build research collaboration and capacity and to provide opportunities extending beyond the initial scientific exchange. The goals for the grantee are broad and could include for example, skills development, establishing productive relationships with scientific peers in the host country, using the visit to benefit their own research and, if possible, publishing of scientific material.

Find more details:  https://www.iufro.org/science/special/spdc/sap/ssvgr23/

Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats

Modelling Mixtures and Uneven-aged Forests: From Pattern to Process to Application

By Bianca Eskelson, Coordinator of IUFRO Research Group 4.01.00 Forest mensuration and modelling,

The April 25 webinar that was kindly hosted and supported by the University of British Columbia was part of the 2023 webinar series "Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats" organized by IUFRO Research Group 4.01.00. The webinar series is meant to highlight forest mensuration and modelling research across a variety of research areas and allow for scientific exchange across the globe.

Dr. David Forrester, Senior Research Scientist at CSIRO, Australia talked about modelling mixtures and un-even aged forests:

Mixed-species forests are often proposed as a way to increase the level of various ecosystem services, including productivity, compared with monocultures. However, while mixtures may often be superior to monocultures, there are also many examples where they are not, so there needs to be a way to determine when and where mixtures are likely to be better or worse than monocultures at providing any given ecosystem service.

Similarly, tree size inequality has been promoted for improving productivity, despite many examples of lower productivity with higher size inequality. While many studies have been published about mixtures or size inequality, it is still difficult to know how those results can be transferred from the journal articles to a specific forest with its unique set of silvicultural objectives, climatic, and edaphic conditions. It is perhaps not surprising that the vast majority of the world's plantations are even-aged and monospecific.

The presentation firstly discussed species mixing patterns and tree size diversity patterns that have been found in the literature. Secondly, the processes that cause these patterns were described. Finally, a stand-level process-based model (3-PG) was used as a case study to show how the patterns and processes can be summarized into a relatively simple tool that can be used by practitioners, i.e., not only researchers. This included examples of the use of 3-PG in subtropical mixtures of China, temperate mixtures across Europe, and single-tree selection forests (uneven-aged and mixed-species) in Switzerland.

A main conclusion was that stand level models appeared to perform as well as, or sometimes even better than, tree level models, possibly because stand-level models summarize many processes that are linear at the stand level but non-linear at the tree level, and secondly because tree-level models often use stand level inputs for major resources (e.g., soil water and nutrients), which are generally spatially heterogeneous within a given stand.

Tree Species Growth of Oak and Pine in Mixture - a Dynamic Sensitive Equilibrium

Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats, March 28, 2023:
Dr. Sonja Vospernik
, Associate Professor at BOKU, University of Natural Resources Vienna, Department of Forest and Soil Sciences, Institute of Forest Growth, talked about using generalized additive mixed models for modelling tree ring data for Q. petraea/Q robur and P. sylvestris in pure and mixed stands across Europe.

The models include age, local competition, climate, mixture, and forest structure. Key findings are that large scale spatial patterns changed with yearly climate and competitive advantages between species shift between years and that direction, magnitude, and causal factors for growth vary throughout the year, but can be included in a non-linear way using the proposed modelling approach. The link to the respective paper is:

For upcoming webinars and recorded sessions of past webinars, please go to the 4.01.00 homepage:

World Wood Day 2023 – Wood in Cultural Heritage

Report by Charlotte Chia-Hua Lee, Coordinator of IUFRO Working Party 5.15.02 Non-Wood Forest Products Culture https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-5/50000/51500/51502/

The 2023 World Wood Day Online Symposium & The 5th IUFRO Forest Products Culture Colloquium on 21 and 22 March focused on the theme "Wood in Cultural Heritage".

Symposium website:  http://www.worldwoodday.org/2023/symposium

Approximately 536 participants and audiences from 32 countries and regions attended on Zoom, YouTube and bilibili (mainland China). The event was hosted by the International Wood Culture Society (IWCS) and World Wood Foundation. IUFRO Units 5.00.00, 5.15.00 and 9.03.02 co-organized the meeting with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna (BOKU), the International Association of Wood Anatomists, (IAWA), the International Academy of Wood Science (IAWS) and the Estonian State Forest Management Centre (RMK).

IUFRO Division 5.00.00:  https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-5/50000/
IUFRO Research Group 5.15.00:  https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-5/50000/51500/
IUFRO Working Party 9.03.02:  https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-9/90000/90300/90302/

Forty four presentations including 3 keynote speeches, which were moderated by 7 session chairs, have well explored the theme Wood in Culture Heritage in ten topics covering a wide range of research fields related to wood and non-wood forest products; including historical and prehistorical utilization, art and humanities, wood durability and protection needs for constructions and furniture, craftsmanship and woodcrafts, SWST student chapters for education on wood culture, wood archaeology, dendrochronology and wood anatomy, wood products and biotechnology.

The following topics were addressed in the sessions:

  • Historical Utilization/Trade and Cultural Values of Trees and Non-Wood Forest Products (10 papers)
  • Construction and Buildings, Including Wood Durability and Protection Needs (4 papers)
  • Moveable Building Components, Furniture, Musical Instruments, Artefacts including Design (2 papers)
  • Education in Understanding Forest Products Culture (1 paper)
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Historical, Contemporary and Future Wood and Non-Wood Forest Products Culture (4 papers)
  • Relationship Between the Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences and Wood Cultural Heritage (5 papers)
  • Related Forest Management, Craftsmanship, Traditional Wood Processing/Wood Working Experiences (3 papers)
  • Forest History and Ancient Forests (2 papers)
  • Archaeological Wood as a (Pre)Historical Archive (5 papers)
  • Wood Products and Wood Biotechnology (IAWS Special Session) (8 papers)

World Wood Day (March 21, the International Day of Forests) is a cultural event aimed to raise awareness on the importance and value of wood and its responsible uses. The 11th World Wood Day celebration will continue with various programs scheduled for the weekend of the 21st of every month throughout the year.

More details are available on the official website of World Wood Day 2023 at:  http://www.worldwoodday.org/2023  

For the full version of the report, click:

VIII Congreso Forestal CONFLAT 2023

Dra. Sandra Rodríguez Piñeros, Coordinator of the IUFRO-IFSA Task Force on Forest Education https://www.iufro.org/science/task-forces/forest-education/ presented IUFRO in the course of her keynote address at the 2023 Forestry Congress CONFLAT (VIII Congreso Forestal Latinoamericano) held on 27-30 March 2023 in Mendoza, Argentina.

She focused her speech on social sciences and their important role in sustainable forest management.
Videos of the keynote speakers can be accessed at the Congress website:  https://congresoforestal2023.org.ar/

The CONFLAT was held together with the V Congreso Forestal Argentino. It gathered prominent researchers, professionals, authorities, politicians, business leaders, forest industry representatives, teachers, students and many other stakeholders linked with Latin American forestry activities.

Digitalization in Forest Operations

The recordings of the webinar sessions on Digitalization in Forest Operations held on 13 and 20 April 2023 are now available at the webpages of IUFRO Research Group 3.01.00 Harvesting and transportation engineering https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-3/30000/30100/.

Part I - 13 April 2023, 2:00 pm CEST - Video recording:  https://youtu.be/7Gz8PoCQmdQ
Part II - 20 April 2023, 8:00 am CEST - Video recording:  https://youtu.be/IzwoiUq3-6E
Research Group publications page:  https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-3/30000/30100/publications/


GFEP Policy Brief Now Available in Spanish!

The Policy Brief "Forests and Trees for Human Health:  Pathways, Impacts, Challenges and Response Options" has now been translated into Spanish.

This policy brief summarizes the key messages of the GFEP report "Forests and Trees for Human Health:  Pathways, Impacts, Challenges and Response Options" and reaches out to international as well as national policymakers and other stakeholders.

Download at: 

'Ecology and Silviculture of Chestnut' Newsletter

IUFRO Working Party 1.01.13 Ecology and Silviculture of Chestnut has published the 5th issue of its newsletter. Get updated and share news and information about chestnuts; become a part of our network of chestnut researchers! Read more and find an updated summary of the FORECO Special Issue on Ecology and Management of Chestnut:  https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-1/10000/10100/10113/publications/

Submit your abstract for the IUFRO World Congress 2024 session "Silviculture for the Bioeconomy and Ecosystem Services in Castanea Forests" by 2 June 2023:  https://iufro2024.com/call-for-congress-abstracts/

Division 4 Newsletter

The sixth newsletter of IUFRO Division 4 Forest Assessment, Modelling and Management is now available at https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-4/40000/publications/#c30910. It contains officer bios, upcoming meetings, Division 4 accomplishments and the obituaries for two long-standing Division members.

Also find a link for the 2024 World Congress in Stockholm. Note the upcoming 2 June deadline for submission of abstracts! The Division plans to hold a business meeting at the Congress. More information will come in due time.

Springer Handbook of Wood Science and Technology
Peter Niemz, Alfred Teischinger, Dick Sandberg (Eds.)https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-81315-4

This handbook describes the fundamental wood biology, chemistry and physics, as well as structure-property relations of wood and wood-based materials. The different aspects and steps of wood processing are presented in detail from both a fundamental technological perspective and their realization in industrial contexts. The discussed industrial processes extend beyond sawmilling and the manufacturing of adhesively bonded wood products to the processing of the various wood-based materials, including pulp and paper, natural fiber materials and aspects of bio-refinery.


BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards

The BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards recognize and encourage world-class research and cultural creation, prizing contributions of singular impact for their originality and significance.

Candidates may be one or more natural persons of any nationality, without limitation of number, that have made independent or convergent contributions to a given advance, whether due to a formal collaboration (with the nominees belonging to one or more groups) or parallel working. The awards are also open to scientific or cultural organizations that can be collectively credited with exceptional contributions to scientific knowledge, cultural creation or the fight against climate change.

Submit nominations by 30 June 2023, 16:00 GMT!

Congratulations: Paul Hessburg Receives Distinguished Landscape Ecologist Award

Dr. Paul Hessburg, a senior research ecologist with the Pacific Northwest Research Station of the US Forest Service, recently received the International Association for Landscape Ecology-North America Chapter's Distinguished Landscape Ecologist Award https://www.ialena.org/paulhessburg.html. The award recognizes major scientific contributions to landscape ecology, honors scientists who have played a pivotal role in shaping the field and is the organization's highest honor. Dr. Hessberg is a Deputy Coordinator of IUFRO Research Group 4.03.00 Uncertainty analysis, computational ecology, and decision support https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-4/40000/40300/.

Read more at:  https://www.fs.usda.gov/research/pnw/news/featured/paul-hessburg-receives-distinguished-landscape-ecologist-award

Positions and Courses

Post-Doc in Silviculture and Modelling of Temperate Broadleaved Forest for Climate Change Adaptation
Apply by 15 June 2023

The Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Alnarp, Sweden, is seeking a highly motivated person for a two-year post-doc position to conduct research on the silviculture of temperate mixed broadleaved forests. The objective is to provide key recommendations to guide the design, establishment and silviculture of such forest types. The research should focus on climate change adaptation.

Assistant/Associate/Professor at Program of Landscape and Recreation
Post your application before 31 May 2023

The Program of Landscape and Recreation of National Chung Hsing University is inviting applications for one full-time tenure-track position at the rank of Assistant/Associate/Professor. Applicants must have a PhD degree in a relevant discipline. The research fields will include landscape planning, leisure and recreation, landscape planning and designing. The successful candidate will be expected to teach in English.
Details:  https://www.iufro.org/fileadmin/material/discover/nb-nchu-professor-landscape-recreation.pdf

PhD Position:  Below and Above Ground Interactions Affecting Tree Susceptibility to Bark Beetle Attack
Apply by 24 May 2023

The PhD position is available at the Department of Ecology, Faculty of Forest Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), in Uppsala, Sweden, to investigate the mechanisms behind tree drought responses and insect resistance. The aim of this PhD position is to investigate the relationship between soil moisture conditions, mycorrhizal colonization and community composition, and spruce resistance against European spruce bark beetle attack.
Details:  https://bit.ly/3oRRpV8

IUCN Request for Proposals (RFP) for Consultancy
Submit by 19 May 2023

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is seeking the services of a consultant or consulting firm to conduct a comprehensive analysis on the health impacts induced by deforestation. The consultant/consulting firm will undertake activities under the supervision of the Senior Programme Coordinator, Forest and Grassland Team (FGT) as well as in collaboration with other members of the FGT.

Expected contract start date:  7 June 2023
IUCN Contact:  Pragyan Raj Pokhrel, Programme Officer Forest and Grassland Team Centre for Conservation Action, pragyan.pokhrel(at)iucn.org
Details:  https://hrms.iucn.org/iresy/index.cfm?event=vac.offline.download&offline_vacancy_id=6436

Master of Science in Tropical Forestry
Application dates:  31 May or 15 July 2023

The orientation of forestry has changed from being solely state-directed to an increasing involvement of a large number of stakeholders. This is fueled by the on-going processes of globalization and devolution. The program qualifies graduates to deal with the huge challenges in contemporary tropical forestry and to adapt to future developments. The course is development-oriented, internationally staged and addresses primarily students from countries of the tropics and subtropics.
Start of studies:  October 2023

Duration:  4 semesters
Venue:  Tharandt, Germany
Organizers:  Technische Universität Dresden
Application deadlines:  31 May (international applicants, from outside the EU) / 15 July (applicants from the EU)
Details:  https://tu-dresden.de/bu/umwelt/forst/inter/tropen/studium/Tropical-Forestry  
Contact:  tropentutor(at)mailbox.tu-dresden.de

IUFRO Meetings

For a full list of meetings go to our online calendar at:  https://www.iufro.org/events/calendar/current/
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IUFRO World Congress 2024
Call for abstracts open until 2 June 2023!
Go to: https://iufro2024.com/call-for-congress-abstracts/  
Call for awards nominations extended to 25 May: https://www.iufro.org/discover/awards/

24 May 2023
Webinar series "Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats": "Small area estimation in forest inventories, what to do when sample sizes become small"
Online, 8:05-9:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
IUFRO 4.01.00 https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-4/40000/40100/
Contact: Bianca Eskelson, bianca.eskelson(at)ubc.ca
Registration: https://ubc.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0HttIjFNswnMx9k

15-16 Jun 2023
Connecting science and business: How policy, socioeconomic and environmental drivers impact future forest goods and services in Europe
Vienna, Austria
Think Tank Meeting organized by the IUFRO-Mondi Partnership – on invitation only!
Contact: Daniel Boehnke, boehnke(at)iufro.org

Teaming Up 4 Forests: https://teamingup4forests.com/
Visit the new website for more information on the Think Tank Meeting, the webinar on 15 May https://teamingup4forests.com/webinar-tackling-climate-change-the-roles-of-forest-science-and-the-industry/ and more…!

20-23 Jun 2023
10th International Wind and Trees Conference:  Wind and Trees 2023 - The future is uncertain:  wind resilient forests in a changed climate
Castelfranco Veneto, Italy
IUFRO 8.03.06 https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-8/80000/80300/80306/
Contact:  Barry Gardiner, barry.gardiner(at)inrae.fr

27-28 Jun 2023
NUBIP IIASA IUFRO Forum on Ukraine Forest Science and Education:  Needs and Priorities for Collaboration
Laxenburg, Austria
On invitation only!
Contact:  burns(at)iufro.org

7-18 Aug 2023
SummerSchool:  Resilience of Forest to Climate Change - Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Applied to Forest Disturbances
Joensuu, Finland
IUFRO 8.00.00 https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-8/80000/
Contact:  Frank Berninger, frank.berninger(at)uef.fi
Contact:  Sandra Luque, sandra.luque(at)inrae.fr

28-31 Aug 2023
20th IBFRA Conference:  Climate Resilient and Sustainable Forest Management - IBFRA 2023
Helsinki, Finland
IUFRO 8.01.06 https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-8/80000/80100/80106/
Contact:  Dmitry Shchepashchenko, schepd(at)iiasa.ac.at

2-4 Oct 2023
Forest Education – Merging theory and practice with help of digital tools
Helsinki, Finland, with hybrid participation option
IUFRO 6.09.00 https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-6/60000/60900/
Joint IUFRO-IFSA Task Force on Forest Education
Contact:  Mika Rekola, Mika.Rekola(at)helsinki.fi

4-8 Oct 2023
25th International Wood Machining Seminar IWMS-25:  Heart of Wood Machining in Japan
Nagoya, Japan
IUFRO 5.04.08 https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-5/50000/50400/50408/
Co-organized by Nagoya University and the Japan Wood Research Society (JWRS)
Contact:  Louis Denaud, louis.denaud(at)ensam.eu

17-19 Oct 2023
IUFRO Latin American Conference - Sustainable Landscape Management – the role of forests, trees, agroforestry and their interactions with agriculture
Online and Curitiba, Brazil
IUFRO 1.00.00 https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-1/10000/
IUFRO 9.00.00 https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-9/90000/
Contact:  Erich Gomes Schaitza, erich.schaitza(at)embrapa.br
Yeda Maria Malheiros de Oliveira, yeda.oliveira(at)embrapa.br

24 Oct 2023
Webinar series "Forest Mensuration and Modelling Chats":  "Assessment of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Community Resource Management Areas in the Northern Savanna Zone"
Online; 9:05-10:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
IUFRO 4.01.00 https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-4/40000/40100/
Contact:  Bianca Eskelson, bianca.eskelson(at)ubc.ca
Registration:  https://ubc.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_57QwMFnlJOMKPXg

25-28 Oct 2023
IUFRO International Symposium on Pine Wilt Disease "PWD2023"
Nanjing, China
IUFRO 7.02.10 https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-7/70000/70200/70210/
Contact:  Lin Huang, lhuang(at)njfu.edu.cn

15-19 Jan 2024
Role and Fate of Forest Ecosystems in a Changing World" and 31st biennial conference of the IUFRO Research Group 8.04.00 on "Air pollution and climate change"
Bangkok, Thailand
IUFRO 8.04.00 https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-8/80000/80400/
Contact:  Pierre Sicard, pierre.sicard(at)arches-conseils.fr

3-8 Mar 2024
6th IUFRO 2.09.02 Conference:  The might of vegetative propagation for healthy and productive forests to face climate challenges
Rotorua, New Zealand
IUFRO 2.09.02 https://www.iufro.org/science/divisions/division-2/20000/20900/20902/
Contact:  Henri Baillères, henri.bailleres(at)scionresearch.com
Jana Krajňáková, Jana.Krajnakova@scionresearch.com

Other Meetings

For more non-IUFRO meetings, please check the IUFRO Noticeboard:

22-22 Jun 2023
UNECE/FAO Forest Communicators’ Network Annual Meeting and Workshop
Prague, Czech Republic
Contact: Ekrem Yazici, Ekrem.Yazici(at)fao.org

12-15 Sep 2023
2nd EVOLTREE Conference 2023: Resilient Forests for the Future
Online and Brasov, Romania
EVOLTREE Network; abstract submission closes on 31 May!
Contact: Alexandru Lucian Curtu, lucian.curtu(at)unitbv.ro

27-28 Sep 2023
5th International Non-Wood Forest Products Symposium
Online, Faculty of Forestry, Bartin University, Turkey
Contact: nonwood(at)bartin.edu.tr

19-21 May 2024
Centennial Celebration and Congress of the International Union of Soil Sciences
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Contact: Filiberto Altobelli, segretario(at)scienzadelsuolo.org

IUFRO News Issue 4&5, 2023, published in May 2023
by IUFRO Headquarters, Vienna, Austria.
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