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IUFRO News Vol. 44, Double Issue 9/10, October 2015

Read about events ranging from the World Forestry Congress to the World Bamboo Congress and the Forest Europe conference and learn about latest publications and novelties on the IUFRO website!

This issue reports on a wide range of events organized or co-organized by IUFRO. It briefly looks back at the activities and achievements of IUFRO at the World Forestry Congress in Durban, South Africa, and guides you to the webpages that contain all the information and summaries of the numerous IUFRO-related events there.

You will find information about recent IUFRO meetings on a variety of subjects such as extension and knowledge exchange, virus and phytoplasma diseases of forest and urban trees, the multiple roles and applications of bamboo, forests and water in a changing environment, forest defoliating insects, etc. Also read what IUFRO together with other forest science organizations had to say at the Forest Europe Ministerial Conference and related documents to this event.

Of course, this issue again lists lots of interesting announcements, including positions, publications, IUFRO website novelties, and upcoming meetings!

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