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IUFRO News Vol. 49, Issue 1, January 2020

This issue puts the focus on special species such as maritime pine and Korean pine and reports from meetings on seed orchards under climate change, bioeconomy, wood science etc.


At the IUFRO meeting on Silviculture of Maritime Pine in Coimbra, Portugal, case studies of pine forest management were presented, emphasizing the technical difficulty in managing some naturally regenerated stands after fire, particularly for later interventions. Forestry options that allow obtaining additional income, such as tapping, hunting, and mushroom picking were analyzed. Results from trials conducted in Spain and Portugal using improved genetic material were also shared with the audience.

The II International Symposium on Korean Pine Biology and Silviculture in Vladivostok, Russia, brought together scientists and practitioners from different countries with an interest in various aspects of Pinus koraiensis research. Participants reviewed the progress in this particular research field and presented new ideas, concepts and techniques. The meeting aimed to promote the international efforts for the sustainability of the Korean pine forest ecosystems and for the well-being of people depending on them.

In this issue we also congratulate the recipients of the IUFRO Distinguished Service, Victor Teplyakov and Valentin S. Shalaev, Russian Federation, and highlight the work experience of two young trainees at IUFRO Headquarters. You will, of course, also find announcements of upcoming meetings, open positions, latest publications and much more…


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