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IUFRO News Vol. 50, Issue 1, January 2021

Read an in-depth interview about landscape ecology, learn about SPDC forest landscape restoration trainings, find reports from recent webinars and meetings, get to know activities of IUFRO Members, and more…

This year we are starting IUFRO News Volume 50! Issue 1 of IUFRO News Volume 1 was published in September 1972 just prior to the IUFRO Secretariat's move to its permanent location in Vienna, Austria.

The first issue in 2021 starts with an interview with the coordination team of the landscape ecology Working Party. They explain the holistic approach and interdisciplinary nature of landscape ecology, highlight emerging issues especially in forest landscape ecology and focus particularly on the importance of landscape ecology in the current health and climate crises.

The second major article in this issue illustrates the approach to forest landscape restoration (FLR) and the scope of the IUFRO-SPDC training program with the help of the ongoing IUFRO-SPDC project on "Capacity Building for Forest Landscape Restoration Implementation in Malawi and Sri Lanka."

A report from the latest seminar in the series "Forest Roads: Regional Perspectives from around the World" focuses on forest roads in Europe, where heterogeneity of economic development and technological context, topography, geology, soils, climate, harvesting technology and forest distribution is reflected in the extent of the forest road network and the types of forest roads built.

Sadly, this issue also includes two obituaries. On 15 December 2020 IUFRO Honorary Member and former IUFRO President Professor Dr Dusan Mlinšek passed away at the age of 95. Also, Dr Fujio Kobayashi, recipient of IUFRO's Distinguished Service Award, died on December 6, 2020 at the age of 88.


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