Past activities

  • 2006, Arlington, VA, USA: "Forest Research Management in an Era of Globalization"
  • 2010, Seoul, South Korea, IUFRO World Congress: "Monitoring activities in forestry"
  • 2012, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: "Governance of Forest Research and Education – Innovations in Participatory Management"
  • 2014, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, IUFRO World Congress: "Crossing Science Boundaries for the Benefit of Forests and People"
  • 2015, Durban, FAO World Forestry Congress, "Crossing science boundaries for the benefit of forests and people"
  • 2016, Beijing, China: "Management of Forest Research in Asia and Oceania"
  • 2017, Freiburg, Germany, IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress: Dialogue Session "Science meets Science"
  • 2019, Curitiba, Brazil, XXV IUFRO World Congress
  • 2021, Seoul, Korea, FAO World Forestry Congress
  • 2022, Vienna, Austria, All-IUFRO Conference