2.02.15 - Breeding and genetic resources of five-needle pines




Save the date for the 8th IUFRO International Workshop on Resistance Mechanisms and Breeding in Forest Trees (previously known as the International Workshop on the Genetics of Tree-Parasite Interactions in Forestry), which will take place on June 2 to 6, 2025, in Vernon, British Columbia.
The workshop is sponsored by the IUFRO working parties 7.03.11 “Tree Resistance to Insects and Pathogens” and 2.02.15 “Breeding and Genetic Resources of Five-Needle Pines".
SCOPE OF THE WORKSHOP: The Tree Resistance Workshops series provides an international forum to discuss the status and future plans for both tree resistance breeding programs and scientific research efforts in the field of tree resistance mechanisms against pathogens and insects. The topics of discussion will include, among others, conventional tree breeding initiatives, ecology and genetics of resistance and tree-antagonistic relationships in natural and managed tree populations, mechanisms of recognition and signaling of biotic damage and plant defensive strategies, comparative genomics, GWAS, genomic selection and other genomic initiatives looking for resistance, interactive effects of climate change and abiotic stressors with biotic resistance, the role of microbiome in resistance, and new methods, technology, and tools for resistance screening. The primary audience is those involved with operational breeding programs as well as academic researchers and extension professionals. We welcome the participation of students and early career professionals.
PLEASE HELP US: To help with the planning of the event, please let us know your interest and if you are planning to attend by filling out the following short survey by May 31st, 2024: View/vote in browser
FOR MORE INFORMATION (or if your organization is interested in sponsoring this workshop): please contact Caterina Villari (cvillari@uga.edu) and Nicholas Ukrainetz (Nicholas.Ukrainetz@gov.bc.ca). Further details regarding registration, abstract submission, and travel arrangements will be provided in August 2024.
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Richard A. Sniezko, United States


Eun Ju Cheong, Korea (Rep)

Anna W. Schoettle, United States

Christian Anton Wehenkel, Mexico

Xiao-Xin Wei, China

About Unit

The Working Party on Breeding and Genetic Resources of Five-Needle Pines is concerned with research cooperation and exchange of information on all aspects of genetic research on the five-needle pines. This includes provenance testing and genetic resources, breeding, species hybridization, clonal propagation and testing, tissue or cell culture, cell and molecular genetics, and the genetics of host-pathogen interactions. Increasingly though we are using this knowledge to address issues related to climate change, land pressure and conservation.

State of Knowledge

The Unit has been particularly active over the past decade with four very informative meetings: Medford, Oregon USA (2001); Valiug, Romania (2006); Yangyang, Korea (2008); and Fort Collins, Colorado USA (2014). The Proceedings of these meetings can be found in the publications page of this Working Party.

Although traditionally the Unit has focused on provenance testing, selection and breeding, especially against important pests and pathogens, particularly white pine blister rust. An increasing emphasis is now on gene conservation and the impact of climate change. We have gained a great deal of knowledge and have had some moderate successes with blister rust to our productive species (see Forest Pathology Special Issue: White Pines, Ribes, and Blister Rust, August 2010, Volume 40, Issue 3-4). But it is now apparent that land use pressures, climate change along with diseases such as blister rust require us to focus more on gene conservation efforts and develop a holistic view looking at genetics, ecology in the framework of conservation.

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8th IUFRO International Workshop on Resistance Mechanisms and Breeding in Forest TreesVernon, British Columbia, Canada

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