2.08.02 - Improvement and culture of nitrogen-fixing trees



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We are inviting contributions for the next issue of the NFT News on or before 31st May 2018. Contributions may focus on activities that highlight research, promotion and development of nitrogen fixing trees and shrubs. The newsletter will also carry announcements on new information resources, useful websites, and upcoming relevant events. Contributors to the newsletter may be written in a simple and reader-friendly language to interest a diverse audience. They should contain new information and not a concise version of an article published already. Please limit your contributions to 1000 to 1500 words in a Word file. Inclusion of good-quality photographs (scanned at 300 dpi) is encouraged. Photographs, graphs and other illustrations may please be sent as separate files. Contributions may be sent to any member of the Editorial Team with a copy to nicodemus_a@rediffmail.com.

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Abel Nicodemus, India


Zhong Chonglu, China

Claudine Franche, France

About Unit

Working Party 2.08.02 is interested in research on nitrogen-fixing genera, particularly those that are suitable for soil stabilization, wind protection, for use on poor soils, wetlands and in dry regions. Research interests include the biology of nitrogen fixation and optimization of growth and adaptability utilizing this property in domesticated species. Many species are multipurpose and important for farm forestry, agroforestry, pulpwood, firewood and charcoal and other products such as fodder for animals. Improvement strategies include propagation strategies, selection for pest resistance, disease resistance, and multiple traits, combined with appropriate silvicultural methods.

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The Sixth International Casuarina Workshop: Climate-resilient Casuarina for Bioenergy Production Bangkok, Thailand

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