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2018 Risk Analysis conference - Offers to host...

Following the terrific success of our 2016 Risk Analysis conference (“Managing Risk in Uncertain Times”) we are now soliciting offers to host the 2018 Risk Analysis conference. Forty-five attendees from 18 countries attended the 2016 conference in Freiburg for 2 days of presentations and a 3rd day field trip. A meeting summary and presentations are available at http://riskanalysis-iufro.org//2016meeting.html. We expect the 2018 conference to be even better.

Send us (david.gray@canada.ca and rasoul.yousefpour@ife.uni-freiburg.de) an email with your offer to host the 2018 meeting:

1. city   -   2. institution   - 3.   suggested dates

We’ll be collecting offers until the end of June; so don’t delay. 

We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 conference.
David Gray & Rasoul Yousefpour

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Rasoul Yousefpour, Germany


Marielle Brunette, France

Jan Kaspar, Czech Republic

Teodora Minkova, United States

About Unit

Risk is defined as the expected probability of an event occurring multiplied by the consequences of the event given its occurrence. Risk analysis is broadly defined to include the scientific estimation of risk and its management. Within the context of the forest resource, risk analysis can be applied to issues of invasive pests (insects and pathogens), natural disturbances, forest management planning, biodiversity conservation, and others. As a framework, risk analysis is well suited to addressing demands for the maximization of multiple, and often conflicting, forest values while simultaneously incorporating uncertainty in the estimation of risk.

Thus, risk analysis is a methodology/framework that can be applied to a diverse collection of forest resource issues of an ecological, economic and social nature. Techniques within the risk analysis framework that incorporate empirical and theoretical research results include simulation modelling, development of knowledge-based systems, neural networks, and more. The application of risk analysis frameworks will be of interest to a multi-disciplinary group of forest researchers and policy makers.

The Risk Analysis Unit was formed in April, 2011.

State of Knowledge

The Risk Analysis working party will bring together individuals with diverse research interests in forestry in order to share techniques of risk analysis. As a working party that will focus less on a specific biological issue, and more on a widely applicable methodology, it will foster unique cross-disciplinary co-operation as it contributes to the IUFRO mission of "[disseminating] knowledge to stakeholders and decision makers and [contributing] to forest policy and on-the-ground forest management".