Publications and references

Publications of interest

Hessenauer, P., Fijarczyk, A., Martin, H. et al.Hybridization and introgression drive genome evolution of Dutch elm disease pathogens. Nat Ecol Evol (2020).

Conference proceedings

  • Foliar, Shoot, Stem and Rust Diseases of Trees  - Forest Diseases During Global Crises. Durham, New Hampshire, USA; 26 June - 1 July 2022. IUFRO Units involved: 7.02.02, 7.02.05.   
    Book of Abstracts  
    Munck IA, Diez-Casero JJ, Moricca S, Tanguay P and Bonello P (2024) Research Topic: Foliar, shoot, stem and rust diseases of trees IUFRO 2022. Front. For. Glob. Change.    
  • 2019 Joint Meeting of IUFRO Working Parties: Genetics and Breeding of 5-needle pines (2.02.15) and Rusts of Forest Trees (7.02.05). Invermere, BC, Canada; 22-26 July 2019. Units involved: 2.02.15, 7.02.05.  Proceedings (30.1 MB, PDF)
  • Genetics of five-needle pines and rusts in mountain landscapes – Conservation, utilization and evolution in a changing climate; Fort Collins, CO, USA; 15-21 June 2014. Units involved: 2.02.15, 7.02.05. Proceedings (31.8 MB, PDF)