8.01.03 - Forest soils and nutrient cycles



North American Forest Soils Conference – International Symposium on Forest Soils

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada; 10-16 June 2018.

The 13th North American Forest Soils Conference is being held jointly with the 9th International Symposium on Forest Soils in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site of the Historic District of Old Québec in the spring of 2018. We cordially invite you to consider participating in this conference. We invite presentations on research using field trials, laboratory investigations, long-term monitoring experiments and ecosystem modelling studies that address the conference theme and sub-themes. If possible, presentations should include a statement of the forest management implications of the work. The conference sub-themes are intended to encourage submissions with broad representation of the various soils-forests regions of North America and internationally.


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Thomas Fox, United States


Peter Clinton, New Zealand

Liisa Ukonmaanaho, Finland

Hailong Wang, China

About Unit

Forest soils provide society with a range of services and benefits. Forest soils also function in a changing global environment with increased pressures to provide a range of desired services and benefits. Consequently, the topic of forest soils research is as broad as it is deep and means many things to researchers actively involved in this fundamental aspect of the forest ecosystem and environment. Forest soil research includes but is not limited to the many aspects of soil biology, soil chemistry, and soil physical processes, impacts of management and understanding of natural processes.

The aim of the Unit is to better understand the many properties and processes that support the many services and benefits provided for by forest soils and understand how natural stand dynamics and impacts of human activity including forest management contribute greatly to the diversity of processes occurring in forest soils and the consequences for the ever evolving nature and characteristics of forest soils.

State of Knowledge

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