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Publications and references


9th International Symposium on Forest and Sustainable Development; Brasov, Romania; 16-17 October 2020. Units involved: 4.03.00, 4.03.02. Book of Abstracts      
Special Issue "Forest and Sustainable Development (9th International Symposium on Forest and Sustainable Development)":     


The journals with which the 4.03.02 unit collaborates regularly are:

  • Annals of Forest Research
  • Mathematical and Computational Forestry & Natural-Resource Sciences

Other references

  • Developing parsimonious nonlinear models (Strimbu et al, 2017).
  • Comparing nonlinear-fixed-effects versus nonlinear-mixed-effects modelling approaches (Cieszewski and Strub 2018)
  • Well-Behaved Dynamic Site Equation (Cieszewski 2003)