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Global Teak Resources

The latest update on teak resources and markets was carried out with the support of IUFRO's network of scientists and TEAKNET experts. It shows that since the last FAO study in 2010, the area of natural and planted teak forests and the harvest of teak logs have increased and teak's share of the global timber market is growing.

Global Teak Resources and Market Assessment 2022

Walter Kollert, S. Sandeep, and M.P. Sreelakshmy. 

With contributions by:
Adzo Kokutse, Cristiane A.F. Reis, Nelly Grace Bedijo, Olman Murillo, and P.K. Thulasidas

IUFRO World Series Volume 44. Vienna. 92p.  

ISBN 978-3-903345-27-0 
ISSN 1016-3263

Published by: 
International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), 2024 

Teak (Tectona grandis), the timber of kings, grows in some 80 countries in the tropics. In many of these it is considered a priority species for large-scale cultivation, and a valuable, fast-growing hardwood that offers the best opportunity to produce quality timber and provide a good livelihood for forest-dependent communities. As a result, planted teak forests have attracted significant investment from the corporate sector. 

The Global Teak Resources and Market Assessment provides country-level information on teak for the year 2022. Teak resources were assessed using a standardized questionnaire sent to qualified experts with access to the required data. International trade in teak logs and sawtimber was assessed using the UN COMTRADE database, which publishes teak data based on official customs records since January 2022.

The report is a useful reference for assessing country situations and trends, which are further explored in brief profiles of the major teak-producing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. There is currently no better source of up-to-date information on teak resources and markets. 

The area of natural teak forests has been estimated at 30.215 million ha, more than half of which is in Myanmar. It appears that the global area of natural teak forests has increased by 1.180 million ha (+4.1%) since 2010. The global area of planted teak forests is estimated at 4.854 million hectares, of which 80% is in Asia, 13% in Africa and 7% in Latin America. The data reported indicates that the global area of planted teak forests has increased by 507,000 hectares since the 2010 study. The report also looks at the potential environmental and social impacts of planted teak forests, which have long been controversial.

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With funding provided by the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) IUFRO-SPDC together with FAO and TEAKNET was leading an evaluation and assessment of the global situation on Teak with respect to its conservation and sustainable management. Following an ex-post evaluation of a project in Myanmar on “Ex-situ and in-situ conservation of Teak (Tectona grandis L.F.) to support sustainable forest management” and the collation of globally available scientific knowledge on teak conservation and management, a global study report has been compiled and published in early 2017 as IUFRO World Series Vol. 36 “The Global Teak Study. Analysis, Evaluation and Future Potential of Teak Resources”.
The results of this study provide a major input for establishing a global teak support programme.