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Proceedings of IUFRO Meetings in 2003

Please find below IUFRO conference proceedings that were submitted electronically.

If the proceedings of your IUFRO conference or meeting are not yet online, kindly contact us at office(at) Next to the electronic version we will be also happy to archive printed courtesy copies of your conference proceedings.


Conference title: Monitoring and Indicators of Forest Biodiversity – from Ideas to Operationality
Conference date: 12-15 November 2003
Conference place: Firenze, Italy
Research unit(s): 8.07.01, 4.02.05, 4.02.06
Language: English
Author(s): Marco Marchetti (Ed.)
Publication year: 2004
Page(s): 525
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Conference title: Natural Forests in the Temperate Zone of Europe – Values and Utilisation
Conference date: 13-17 October 2003
Conference place: Mukachev, Transcarpathia, Ukraine
Research unit(s): 1.00.00, 6.00.00, 8.00.00
Language: English
Author(s): Fedir Hamor and Brigitte Commarmot (Ed.)
Publication year: 2003
Page(s): 276
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Conference title: 6th IUFRO Extension Working Party Symposium: Extension Forestry. Building Capacity Through Collaboration
Conference date: 28 September - 3 October 2003
Conference place: Troutdale, OR, USA
Research unit(s): 6.06.02
Language: English
Author(s):  various
Publication year: /
Page(s): 358
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Conference title: Silviculture and the Conservation of Genetic Resources for Sustainable Forest Management
Conference date: 21 September 2003
Conference place: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Research unit(s): 1.00.00, 2.00.00
Language: English
Author(s):  J. Beaulieu (ed.)
Publication year: 2004
Page(s): 112
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Conference title: Forest Insect Population Dynamics and Host Influences
Conference date: 14-19 September 2003
Conference place: Kanazawa, Japan
Research unit(s): 7.01.02, 7.03.06, 7.03.07
Language: English
Author(s): N. Kamata, A. M. Liebhold, D.T. Quiring, and K.M. Clancy (eds.)
Publication year: 2006
Page(s): 185
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Conference title: 6th International Christmas Tree Research & Extension Conference
Conference date: 14-19 September 2003
Conference place: Hendersonville, NC, United States
Research unit(s): 2.02.09
Language: English
Author(s): John Frampton (ed.)
Publication year: 2004
Page(s): 186
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Conference title: 5th International Symposium on Legal Aspects of European Forest Sustainable Development
Conference date: 29-31 May 2003
Conference place: Židlochovice, Czech Republic
Research unit(s): 6.13.00
Language: English
Author(s): Franz Schmithüsen, Kateřina Trejbalová, Karel Vančura (eds.)
Publication year: 2004
Page(s): 256, ISBN 80-86461-39-4
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Conference title: Workshop: Fifth Meeting of IUFRO Working Party 7.03.04 - Diseases and insects in forest nurseries
Conference date: 6-8 May 2003
Conference place: Peechi, Kerala, India
Research unit(s): 7.03.04
Language: English
Author(s): Lilja, A., J.R. Sutherland, M. Poteri and C. Mohanan (eds.)
Publication year: 2005
Page(s): 93
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Conference title: Sustainable Production of Wood and Non-Wood Forest Products
Conference date: 11–15 March 2003
Conference place: Rotorua, New Zealand
Research unit(s): 5.00.00., 5.11.00, 5.12.00
Language: English
Author(s): Ellen M. Donoghue, Gary L. Benson, and James L. Chamberlain (Techn. Coord.)
Publication year: 2004
Page(s): 128
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