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5th International Forest Policy Meeting Helsinki, Finland
Contact: Mirjana Zavodja, Email:

Calendar of Meetings

Upcoming IUFRO meetings

5th International Forest Policy Meeting; Helsinki, Finland; 10-12 April 2024. Units involved: 9.05.00, 9.05.04. Conference homepage   

Past IUFRO meetings

  • Eastern Africa Regional Alumni Capacity Building and Networking Seminar on "Enabling services from land and water resources through actor-oriented forest landscape restauration". Kampala, Uganda; 5-11 March 2023. Seminar homepage 
  • 3rd International Forest Policy Meeting - IFPM3; Freiburg, Germany; 17-18 March 2021. Units involved: 9.05.00, 9.05.04, Task Force on Gender Equality in Forestry. Event website   
  • International scientific conference: "African forest-related policies and politics"; Yaoundé, Cameroon; 24–27 September 2018. 1st announcement - 2nd announcement - Registration - 3rd announcement - Programme - Report      
  • Second International Forest Policy Meeting; Wageningen, The Netherlands; 11-13 April 2018. Units involved: 9.05.00, 9.05.02, 9.05.04. Conference homepage  - Picture gallery
  • International and multi-disciplinary scientific conference "Forest policy and governance: Analyses in the environmental social sciences"; Bogor, Indonesia; 4–6 October 2016. Units involved: 9.00.00, 9.05.00. Conference homepage - Pre-Announcement - Call for Session Proposals - Article in Bogor News - Report      
  • 1st  International Forest Policy Meeting; Hann. Münden, Germany; 16-18 March 2016. The 1st  International Forest Policy Meeting was held  in Hann. Münden from March 16-18 2016 as a part of the activities of IUFRO Group 9.05 on „Forest Policy and Governance“. In an international, workshop-like, scholarly conference format it brought together some 60 forest policy scientists from  15 European countries. Organised by Dr. Lukas Giessen, Prof. Max Krott (both University of Göttingen/Germany) and Dr. Vilis Brukas (SLU/Sweden), the event marked an important development in academic forest policy networking, because it merged two established research networks, i.e. the almost 50-year-old “Forstpolitiktreffen” and the Nordic Network on Forest Policy Science. From now on International Forest Policy Meetings will be convened as a recurring event every other year, especially for providing young researchers a critical platform for presenting and discussing their research.  The presentations held at the 2016 meeting can be found at The most promising papers presented at the meeting were invited for a special issue of Forest Policy and Economics. Units involved: 9.05.00, 9.05.04
  • International Seminar "Assessing Forest Governance in a Context of Change"; Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina; 9-11 May 2012. Conference announcement and 1st Call for Papers - 2nd Call for Papers - Programme - Registration Form
  • Emerging Economic Mechanisms: Implications for Forest-Related Policies and Sectoral Governance; FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy; 5-7 October 2010. Conference homepage - Call for Abstracts - 2nd Call for Abstracts. Contact: Gerard Buttoud, gerard.buttoud(at)
  • Change in Governance as Collective Learning Process: Management, Politics and Ethics in Forestry - International Symposium; Nancy, France; 21-24 June 2009. Units involved: 6.05.00, 6.12.00. 1st Call for Papers - Registration Form - Practical Information