1.01.13 - Ecology and silviculture of chestnut


Stacy Clark, United States

About Unit

The Working Party on ecology and silviculture of chestnut will include a team of researchers with expertise in forest management, ecology, and silviculture. Goals of this group will be to provide knowledge and promote research and management activities that (1) improve production and sustainability of Castanea forests to serve economic, social, and ecological needs, (2) restore chestnut trees where they have been extirpated or largely reduced due to non-native pests or pathogens, (3) improve resilience of chestnut to impacts from climate change, (4) innovate in multifunctional management approaches of Castanea forests towards valuing of and payment for ecosystem services. Given the wide range of products and functions provided by the Castanea forests, the research group will interact with other units within Division 1 and across other Divisions. These include: - Division 2, Physiology and Genetics, because of existing programs to produce trees with resistance to the various pests and pathogens impacting this genus. - Division 4, Forest Assessment, Modelling and Management, due to possible changes in growth induced by climate change. - Division 7, Forest Health, because of the chronic diseases of the chestnuts stands and the nonnative pests.