4.01.04 - Effects of environmental changes on forest growth


Hans-Peter Kahle, Germany


Harri Mäkinen, Finland

Aaron Weiskittel, United States

About Unit

IUFRO Working Party 4.01.04 "Effects of Environmental Changes on Forest Growth" is dealing with the impacts of changing environment on tree growth using retrospective analysis of anatomical, physical and chemical properties of tree rings, and by analyzing shoot as well as root growth of trees: Data sources are analyses of recent and ancient wood samples, data from short- and long-term experiments and data from forest inventories. The main aim of the research is to quantify and model the environment-tree relation, to better understand the impacts of environmental variation, extreme events as well as long-term environmental changes to the growth of trees and productivity of forests. Growth parameters and wood characteristics may be used as a source of reconstructing stand dynamics and environmental history and of predicting impacts of environmental changes on tree and stand growth. As growth of trees is closely related with tree mortality the relation between tree growth and mortality rates is analyzed as well.

State of Knowledge

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