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9th Scientific Conference "Innovations in Forest Industry and Engineering Design - INNO 2018"

Sofia, Bulgaria; 27-29 September 2018

The Scientific Conference "INNOVATIONS IN FOREST INDUSTRY AND ENGINEERING DESIGN" has been held every autumn since 2008. Starting September 2015, it is now held every other year. The official languages of the conference are Bulgarian, English and Russian. Strengthened cooperation between different countries, academic and educational institutions and enterprises from the forest industry and the creation of multinational networks for continuous innovation, research and development in the field of forestry will allow not only for technological innovations in the forest industry sector, but will also provide the necessary and sufficient conditions for increasing competitiveness.

Details: http://inno.ltu.bg/

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Pekka Saranpää, Finland


Jamie Barbour, United States

Roger Meder, Australia

Andrew Wong, Malaysia

About Unit

This Division includes research on the varied factors affecting the way forest plants grow and produce woody biomass and other products and the various ways the materials are used by industries and communities. Specific topics include: the microscopic and macroscopic structure of wood and its utilization; engineering properties; protection in storage and use; wood physics; drying, conversion, and performance of solid wood and wood composites in use; production of energy and chemicals from trees. It also includes research on the production, characteristics, and use of non-wood forest products, such as medicinal and edible components of forest crops. A very strong theme is the efficient and sustainable use of forests for the good of mankind.

Every four to five years the Division holds an All-Division 5 conference. The previous one took place in Estoril, Portugal; 8-13 July 2012.  More information       

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