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2022 All-Division 5 Conference - Call for Bids

The IUFRO Division 5 Conference is held every 5 years. This is an apolitical, international forum open to all nations, for conduct of the Division’s business, and for exchange of scientific, professional and technical information on forest products related subjects consistent with the Division’s structure. The Conference is frequently extended by post-Conference excursions that may include visits to neighboring countries. News media are welcome to attend. There is documentation, by Proceedings and websites, including Conference papers, posters and resolutions from Business Meetings.

The next All Division 5 Conference is planned to take place in 2022. If you wish to prepare a bid for the IUFRO Division 5 conference, kindly refer to the GUIDELINES AND BIDDING RULES - IUFRO ALL-DIVISION 5 CONFERENCE 2022.

Proposals are due by March 15, 2020 to:
Pekka Saranpää, IUFRO Division 5 Coordinator, pekka.saranpaa(at)luke.fi.

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This Division includes research on the varied factors affecting the way forest plants grow and produce woody biomass and other products and the various ways the materials are used by industries and communities. Specific topics include: the microscopic and macroscopic structure of wood and its utilization; engineering properties; protection in storage and use; wood physics; drying, conversion, and performance of solid wood and wood composites in use; production of energy and chemicals from trees. It also includes research on the production, characteristics, and use of non-wood forest products, such as medicinal and edible components of forest crops. A very strong theme is the efficient and sustainable use of forests for the good of mankind.

Every four to five years the Division holds an All-Division 5 conference. The previous one took place in Vancouver, Canada; June 12-16, 2017. More information         

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7th Annual Meeting of the IAWA-China Group: Strengthening the protection and utilization of forestry resources, broadening research field of wood anatomy and wood scienceLin-an, Zhejiang, China
NEW DATE! Managing for resilient forests in variable future climateStellenbosch, South Africa
NEW DATE! 4th World Teak Conference 2020Accra, Ghana

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