5.10.00 - Forest products marketing and business management



Publication: Forests, Business and Sustainability

Edited by Rajat Panwar, Robert Kozak, Eric Hansen. 214 pages | 17 B/W Illus.

Forests are under tremendous pressure from human uses of all kinds, and one of the most significant threats to their sustainability comes from commercial interests. This book presents a comprehensive examination of the interactions between the forest products sector and the sustainability of forests. It captures the most current sustainability concerns within the forestry sector and various sustainability-oriented initiatives to address these. Experts from around the world analyze interconnected topics including market mechanisms, regulatory mechanisms, voluntary actions, and governance, and outline their effectiveness, potential, and limitations. By presenting a novel overview of the burgeoning field of business sustainability within the forestry sector, this book paves a way forward in understanding what is working, what is not working, and what could potentially work to ensure sustainable business practices within the forestry sector. Details at: http://bit.ly/1RG7PGD

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Eric Hansen, United States


Toshiaki Owari, Japan

Rajat Panwar, Canada

Anne Toppinen, Finland

Richard Vlosky, United States

About Unit

The Forest Products Marketing and Business Management Research Group covers all aspects of forest products business with a focus on marketing.  The Group is very inclusive and, as such, encompasses a myriad of issues and topics on a global basis. Examples include sustainable business management practices, value-addition strategies, marketing, management, consumer behavior, Internet marketing, supply chain management, innovation, strategic positioning, branding, certification, and policy.
Major goals of the Research Group include

  1. Engage researchers and practitioners globally in discussions related to forest products marketing and business issues and concerns.
  2. Share and disseminate information at international meetings and conferences.
  3. Contribute to the state-of-knowledge in the field.

The Research Group welcomes new members. If you have an interest that you think falls under our wide umbrella, please contact any of the Deputies and help us to become a better Unit.

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