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Past activities

  • International Conference "European Forests – Our Cultural heritage"; St. Georgen am Längsee, Carinthia, Austria; 4-7 December 2018. Units involved: 9.03.01, 9.03.02. 1st announcement - Report

    As part of the group's activities we are developing the European cultural forest network - as launched in principle at the 2006 Florence meeting.

    In the UK there is a series of working being organised on Woodland Archaeology and local community champions to survey and safeguard these areas.
  • 3-day Conference/Symposium: Wilder By Design? - Managing Landscape Change and Future Ecologies; Sheffield, UK; 9-11 September 2015. Units involved: 9.03.00, 9.03.01. 1st announcement  
  • In the Bog: The ecology, landscape, archaeology and heritage of Peatlands; Sheffield, UK; 3-5 September 2014. Conference homepage - Report
  • 2-day Seminar/Workshop: Wilder By Design? - Managing Landscape Change and Future Ecologies; Sheffield, UK; 15-16 May 2014. Units involved: 9.03.00, 9.03.01. 1st announcement - Report
  • Trees Beyond the Wood - An exploration of concepts of woods, forests and trees; Sheffield, UK; 5-7 September 2012. Units involved: 9.03.00, 9.03.01. Conference homepage - Flyer and booking form - Report
  • Animals, Man and Treescapes: The interactions between grazing animals, people and wooded landscapes; Sheffield, United Kingdom; 14-16 September 2011. Conference homepage - Conference flyer
  • Conference on Orchards and Groves: Their History, Ecology, Culture and Archaeology; Sheffield, United Kingdom; 8-10 September 2008. Announcement
  • The History, Ecology and Archaeology of Medieval Parks and Parklands; Sheffield, United Kingdom; 17-19 September 2007. More information on the Parklands Conference and a booking form can be found in the flyer.


  • Waxcaps & Allied Grassland Fungi in historic parkland and wood-pasture; Sheffield, UK; 7-8 November 2014. Conference homepage
  • Sphagnum Mosses: Identification, Diversity, Landscapes and Ecology; Sheffield, UK; First workshop: 16 October 2014; second workshop: 20 October 2014; third workshop: 4 November 2014. Conference homepage