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Trouble in the Woods 2024 Conference Norton, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Contact: Ian Rotherham, Email:

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Upcoming IUFRO meetings

Trouble in the Woods 2024 Conference; Norton, Sheffield, UK; 25-26 April 2024. Conference website - Programme and Booking  

Past IUFRO meetings

  • Rewilding the Mind - Rewilding the Body: An inclusive approach to re-establishing contacts with nature; online; 4, 12 and 18 November 2021. Conference homepage    
  • Historical Landscape Ecology – Challenges for the Twenty-first Century; online; 9 November 2021, 10 am to 5 pm (UK Wintertime); Conference homepage - 1st announcement  
  • Rewilding the Soil - Regenerating and Re-naturing the land and the soil: issues, implications and solutions; online 16, 21 and 22 September 2021. Conference homepage    
  • IUFRO Special Sessions on Indigenous and Traditional knowledge and practices, public policy, multi-jurisdictional governance at 20th Commonwealth Forestry Conference; online from University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada; 16-18 August 2021. IUFRO Units involved: 9.03.07, 9.03.00, 9.00.00, 6.10.01, 6.00.00. Conference homepage - Report  

  • UNISCAPE International Conference - 20th  Anniversary Celebration of the European Landscape Convention: Special Sessions on Agriculture and Forest Heritage Systems; online from Florence, Italy; 16-17 October 2020. Conference homepage - Report   
  • XXV IUFRO World Congress; Curitiba, Brazil; 29 September - 5 October 2019
    • Session A6j: Strengthening Community and Smallholder Forestry for SDGs and other Forest-Related Goals, chaired by Monica Gabay, co-organized with IUFRO-WFSE, RG 3.08 Small-scale forestry, RG 6.10.00 Rural Development and 9.05.03 Community Forestry. This session explores community and smallholder forestry’s important contributions towards the SDGs and other forest-related global goals and how these could be further strengthened. The key themes are contributions towards SDGs 15 (life on land), 13 (climate action) and 2 (zero hunger). Presentations include overviews and case studies from Latin America, Africa and Asia.
    • Sessions A6g and A6l: Indigenous and traditional peoples and their forests: Knowledge, management and governance towards sustainable development goals a double session, chaired by Stephen Wyatt and Liu Jinlong: This session brings together theoretical and practical perspectives of the ways in which knowledge, practices, values and ethics of indigenous and traditional forest users can contribute to management of forests and to ensuring food security. Key topics include traditional knowledge and practices for food security, biodiversity and economic development, linking knowledge systems across cultures and boundaries, differing belief systems, and policies and programs that accommodate these.
    • F8b: Wood and Forest Culture: Addressing a Sustainable Future. This session, chaired by Elisabeth Johan, provides a better understanding of the historical, religious, artistic, and other social values of wood and forest culture both for wood and non-wood forest products. The presentations emphasize the economic, environmental, and scientific impacts to different regions or countries in the world as a result of these social values.
    • B6a: Achieving REDD+: From local actions to national commitments, chaired by Ellyn Damayanti, led by RG 6.10.00, with participation of this RG and WP 9.05.06. This will showcase pilot studies and research exploring approaches for achieving REDD+, and using results-based finance to incentivise these actions. It includes papers that explore REDD+ actions, results-based finance or benefit sharing at project, jurisdictional or national level, and the impacts of REDD+ interventions from several parts of the world.
  • Rewilding Conference: Opportunities and Issues in Re-wilding; Sheffield; UK; 22-23 May 2019. Conference homepage  
  • European Wood Pastures - Past, Present and Future; Sheffield, UK; 5-7 September 2018 (with pre-conference visit on 4th). Conference homepage 
  • Wood Meadows & Pastures; Sheffield, UK; 23-24 May 2017. Conference homepage
  • IUFRO International Conference: Between Tradition and Increasing Challenges: Future Development of Small-scale and Community Forestry in Times of Global Change; Foz do Iguacu, Brazil; 26-29 September 2016. IUFRO Units involved: 3.08.00, 9.03.00, 9.05.06. Conference homepage - 1st Announcement and Call for Papers - 2nd Announcement       
  • Traditional values, practices and forest policy: transforming local challenges into renewed partnership; Side event at the XIV World Forestry Congress; Durban, South Africa; 9 September 2015. Session flyer - Session details
  • 3-day Conference/Symposium: Wilder By Design? - Managing Landscape Change and Future Ecologies; Sheffield, UK; 9-11 September 2015. Units involved: 9.03.00, 9.03.01. 1st announcement
  • 2-day Seminar/Workshop: Wilder By Design? - Managing Landscape Change and Future Ecologies; Sheffield, UK; 15-16 May 2014. Units involved: 9.03.00, 9.03.01. 1st announcement - Report
  • Linking Biological and Cultural Diversity in Europe - 1st European Conference for the Implementation of the UNESCO-SCBD Joint Programme on Biological and Cultural Diversity; Florence, Italy; 8-11 April 2014. Conference homepage - Report and Declaration
  • Florens 2012 - Cultura, qualità della vita; Florence, Italy; 3-11 November 2012. Conference homepage - Meetings organized by Mauro Agnoletti
  • Trees Beyond the Wood - An exploration of concepts of woods, forests and trees; Sheffield, UK; 5-7 September 2012. Units involved: 9.03.00, 9.03.01. Conference homepage - Flyer and booking form - Report
  • IUFRO 9.03.00 meeting "Cultural values and traditional knowledge in the context of global change" during the IUFRO Division 9 Conference; Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina,  8-10 May 2012. Call for Papers
  • First World Congress of Environmental History 2009; Copenhagen, Denmark; 4-8 August 2009. Conference homepage
  • Woodland Cultures in Time and Space: tales from the past, messages for the future; Thessaloniki, Greece; 3-8 September 2007. 1st announcement - 2nd announcement - Report (206 KB)
  • Symposium 'About the Use of Forest Trees – Renewable Raw Materials Standing out from the Ordinary'; Baden, Austria; 14-17 September 2006. Report
  • Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Forest Management: The Role of Traditional Knowledge; Firenze, Italy; 8-10 June 2006. Report - Proceedings Vol. 1 - Proceedings Vol. 2