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Global Forest Expert Panels (GFEP)


The "Global Forest Expert Panels" initiative of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests  was launched in April 2007 to provide objective and independent scientific assessments of key issues in order to support more informed decision-making at the global level. The initiative is led and coordinated by the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO). The assessments are carried out by thematic Global Forest Expert Panels uniting leading scientists from around the world.

Following the successful completion of the thematic reports on Adaptation of Forests and People to Climate Change, and the International Forest Governance, and Biodiversity, Forest Management, and REDD+, GFEP established a new panel on Forests and Food Security in November 2013 . The new Panel will assess comprehensively the linkages between forests and trees and food security and nutrition and provide the results in spring 2015.

GFEP Publications

Latest Release

Understanding Relationships between Biodiversity, Carbon, Forests and People: The Key to Achieving REDD+ Objectives. A global assessment report.

New GFEP assessment report published as IUFRO World Series 31

More than 60 scientists from around the world collaborated on the peer-reviewed publication "Understanding Relationships between Biodiversity, Carbon, Forests and People: The Key to Achieving REDD+ Objectives. A Global Assessment Report," which was coordinated by IUFRO on behalf of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF). The full report will be formally presented at Forest Day 6 on 2 December during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meeting in Doha, Qatar that starts later this month (26 November-7 December, 2012).

Previous Publications


In memoriam Dr. Alan Lucier

Dr. Alan Lucier, member of the Congress Organizing Committee of the 2014 IUFRO World Congress, passed away on Thursday, March 27, 2014. More...


Forests and Food Security – new Global Forest Expert Panel approved by CPF

The panel will prepare a comprehensive global assessment of available scientific information about the relationship of forests and trees with food security and nutrition. More...


IUFRO World Series 31: New IUFRO-GFEP Global Assessment

Report on "Understanding Relationships between Biodiversity, Carbon, Forests and People: The Key to Achieving REDD+ Objectives" and Policy brief now online. Official launch in Doha on 2 December! More...


GFEP at CBD meeting in Hyderabad

On 16 October, the IUFRO-led Global Expert Panel on Biodiversity, Forest Management, and REDD+ presented key findings of its current scientific assessment work at the CBD meeting in Hyderabad. More...


1st meeting of Panel on Biodiversity, Forest Management, and REDD+

Hosted by FAO, the newly established Panel on Biodiversity, Forest Management, and REDD+ will convene its 1st meeting on 2 and 3 February in Rome. The Panel will work on refining the assessment's outline and on distributing the task between authors.


New GFEP Assessment Report – IUFRO World Series 28

Global Panel of Forest Experts releases assessment report and policy brief about international efforts to improve forest governance. Both documents will be launched officially at UNFF9. More...


GFEP Editorial Team meets at United Nations to draft policy brief on international forest governance

The policy brief will present the key messages of the new GFEP assessment and will identify options for improving the effectiveness of international forest governance. More...


Big step towards completing the most comprehensive assessment to date of the international forest regime

The second meeting of the Expert Panel on the International Forest Regime was held on 7-8 July 2010 at the Headquarters of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Nairobi, Kenya. 30 renowned experts in political science and international law gathered at this meeting to discuss the draft manuscripts of the assessment report on the international forest regime and identify the conclusions emerging from the assessment. The overall coordination of the report is with the IUFRO-led initiative "Global Forest Expert Panels" (GFEP) of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF). More...


Making African Forests Fit for Climate Change

On 11 May 2010 IUFRO launched its new policy brief "Making African Forests Fit for Climate Change" at the SBSTTA14 in Nairobi, Kenya. More...


Assessment report on international forest regime takes shape

The coordinating lead authors (CLAs) of the new GFEP assessment report met at the end of February in Singapore to refine the draft manuscripts. More...


Experts lay foundation for first global scientific assessment on international forest regime

The use and conservation of forests and trees around the globe is governed by a multitude of international agreements and instruments. More...


Will northern forests be able to stand the heat?

Boreal forests cover one third of the Earth’s forested area and have been estimated to contain up to 30% of all carbon stored in terrestrial biomes. The region is expected to experience more warming than equatorial zones and its temperature-limited forests will therefore particularly suffer. But will they be able to stand the heat? More...


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