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Bidders for IUFRO 2024

Dear bidder for IUFRO 2024,

as decided at the IUFRO Management Committee meeting, this webpage will give you access to the full set of documents of all three short-listed bids, and all three site visit reports:


Paris bid to host IUFRO 2024

Report site visit Paris


Moscow bid to host IUFRO 2024

Report site visit Moscow

Sweden Nordic-Baltic:

Stockholm bid to host IUFRO 2024

Report site visit Stockholm

The site visits reports in their current versions include the factual corrections you proposed and also comments you made have been duly incorporated.The next steps are as follows:

  • Should you wish to update your bid and include the latest information, please do so by Sunday, 1 July 2018.In this period of time, short-listed bidders could still opt for withdrawing their bid from the presentation at the IUFRO Board meeting in September 2018.

  • The updated bids will then be made available to the IUFRO Board members in an electronic format as background information for the Board meeting in September 2018.
  • You have already received a template for an agreement between IUFRO and the potential host country that outlines respective responsibilities for finances, facilities, and services, and that should be unilaterally signed by you as a potential host country.

  • Please provide the agreement specified for the respective bid in advance of the Board meeting byMonday, 20 August 2018to the IUFRO Secretariat (buck(at) Remaining questions should be directed to the IUFRO Executive Director.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Best regards,

Alexander Buck
Executive Director