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We hope to create frequent opportunities for researchers and managers to meet and exchange scientific and practical knowledge that have been accumulated separately in Europe, Asia and North America. We also hope that our cooperation will serve as inspiration for students to identify interesting topics to study and interesting advisers to contact in many countries.

Scientific meetings including field excursions will take place in various parts of the Fagus range. We intend to create a homepage, which includes generously illustrated abstracts of ongoing research & development among our RG-members. We will encourage researchers, students and managers to contribute to our web page with such information. It is not our goal to build long lists of literature and project descriptions – such information is available in many other databases and libraries. Here we want to create an easy accessible overview of ongoing research and development – links to more thorough information and literature are of course welcome.

Please feel free to comment on the structure and the issues we have highlighted at this web page. The structure and content will develop and change depending on the input we get.


Please send us your e-mail, address, affiliation etc. so we can build up a member list.

Khosro Sagheb-Talebi
Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands (RIFR)
Forest Research Division (FRD)
Tehran, Iran, P.O.Box 13185-116
Phone: +98 21 4195901
Fax: +98 21 4196575
E-Mail: saghebtalebi(at)

Palle Madsen
Danish Centre for Forest, Landscape and Planning
Copenhage University
Kvak Møllevej 31
DK-7100 Vejle, Denmark
Phone: +45 3528 1713,
Cell phone: +45 4045 3019
Fax: +45 3528 1512
E-mail: pam(at)