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4th International Conference on Reforestation Challenges Belgrade, Serbia
Contact: Vladan Ivetić, Email:

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4th International Conference on Reforestation Challenges; Belgrade, Serbia; 20-22 June 2018. Units involved: 3.02.00; Task Force on Sustainable Planted Forests to Meet Growing Global Needs. Conference homepage - 1st announcement  

Past IUFRO meetings

Photo showing delegates during Excursion post-congress in the "Ficuzza Forest", a natural reserve.
Excursion post-congress in the "Ficuzza Forest", a natural reserve characterized by the presence of: Quercus ilex, Quercus suber, Quercus pubescens, and the endemic Quercus gussonei. De-fragmentation of the oak forest has been achieved by planting Fraxinus excelsior, Acer campestre, Castanea sativa, and Celtis asperrima. Palermo 2017. (c) Dott. Mattia Terzaghi
Photo showing delegates of the Reforestation Challenges Study Tour in Cracow, Poland, June 2016
Photo showing Participants of OSCAR Workshop 2015
Reforestation Challenges, Cracow 2016: Delegates during Scientific Study Tour. Photo: AU Cracow, Poland, 2016
Photo showing Reforestation Challenges, Belgrade 2015, Participants
Participants of Mechanized and efficient silvicuture workshop in a mechanically operated young pine stand. Photo: Ville Kankaanhuhta, Luke

  • Sustainable restoration of Mediterranean forests - Analysis and perspective within the context of bio-based economy development under global changes; Palermo, Italy; 19-21 April 2017. Units involved: 1.06.00, 3.02.00, Task Force on Forest Adaptation and Restoration under Global Change, Task Force on Climate Change and Forest Health. Conference homepage - Report 

  • Second Scientific Conference on Reforestation Challenges: "Opportunities for sustainable development in a degraded forestry environment"; Cracow, Poland;  27-29 June 2016. Units involved: 3.02.00, 7.01.08. Conference homepage - Report    

  • OSCAR Workshop "Mechanized and efficient silviculture"; Suonenjoki, Finland; 25–26 November 2015. Conference homepage - 1st announcement - Report    

  • First International Conference on Reforestation Challenges; Belgrade, Serbia; 3-6 June 2015. Units involved: 1.01.03, 2.00.00, 3.02.00. Conference homepage - 1st announcement - 2nd announcement - Report

  • 2nd Restoring Forests Congress: What Constitutes Success in the 21st Century?; Lafayette, Indiana, USA; 14-16 October 2014. IUFRO Units involved: 1.01.00, 1.06.00, 2.01.00, 3.02.00. Conference homepage

  • Nutrient Dynamics of Planted Forests; Vancouver, WA, United States; 27-28 November 2012. Units involved: 1.01.03, 1.06.00, 3.02.00. Conference homepage - 1st announcement - Report

  • IUFRO Conference on Restoring Forests: Advances in Techniques and Theory; Madrid, Spain; 27-29 September 2011. Units involved: 1.01.00, 1.06.00, 2.01.00, 3.02.00. Conference homepage - Second circular

  • Innovation and new horizons in tree nursery stock production and forest restoration - from research to business; Rome, Italy; 12-14 March 2009; Units involved: 3.02.00, 3.02.01, 3.02.02. Conference homepage - Announcement (including call for oral/poster presentation and registration form) - Final Programme         

Meeting of interest

NZIF Conference 2012 "Engineering value: Growing & Harvesting Forests for Novel Wood Structures"; Christchurch, New Zealand; 1-4 July 2012, Units involved: 3.01.00, 3.02.00, 3.04.00, 5.01.04, 5.01.08. Conference homepage