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New Paradigms in Forest Certification for Ensuring the Sustainability of Wood and Non-Wood Products in Developed and Developing Countries

Journal: Small-Scale Forestry
Guest EditorDr. Puneet Dwivedi, Associate Professor (Forest Sustainability), Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia, puneetd@uga.edu

This special issue of Small-Scale Forestry seeks to publish qualitative and quantitative articles focusing on forest certification and its impact on people, supply chain (timber and non-wood products), and ecosystem services from developed and developing countries.

Deadline: 18 December 2020
Details: https://www.springer.com/journal/11842/updates/18533366

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About Unit

TOR Terms of reference

Forest operations technologies and systems for small-scale, nonindustrial forests. Links to location-specific problems of forests under fragmented owner-structure and/or special property rights arrangements (community allotments, common pool arrangements, etc.). Strong links to institutional arrangements (institutional economics, policy sciences).

The purpose of the IUFRO Unit 3.08.00 "Small-Scale Forestry" is

  • to exchange information on research problems, ongoing research efforts and research results related to the management of small-scale non-industrial private forest woodlots.

The history of the Unit started at the IUFRO XVIII World Congress in 1986 when a project group on "Small-Scale Forestry" was founded as a co-operative effort of the Divisions 3, 4 and 6. The main topics of the contributions presented at the meetings have dealt with economic and policy issues and also technical aspects of small-scale forestry.

The Unit is also publishing the Small-scale Forestry Journal which is now available in both electronic and print format from Springer.

State of Knowledge

  • HYTTINEN, P.  2004. Small-scale Forestry. In Encyclopedia of Forest Sciences, J. BURLEY, J. EVANS, and J. YOUNGQUIST, Editors. Elsevier Academic Press: Amsterdam, etc. p. 663-666.

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