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Publications of interest

A guide to using wet area maps in forestry. June, 2020. Eva Ring (Skogforsk), Anneli Ågren (SLU), Isabelle Bergkvist (Skogforsk), Leena Finér (LUKE), Fredrik Johansson (Skogforsk) & Lars Högbom (Skogforsk).

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2017 -

This film demonstrates how new technologies and changing attitudes can help reduce damages to the soil and water during timber harvesting operations. The film won awards from two international film festivals: the World Media Festival in Germany and the Deauville Green Film Festival in France. The film was produced by Heurgren Production on behalf of Skogforsk and the Norwegian Forestry Extension Institute with a financial support from the Swedish Research Council Formas. Dr. Lars Högbom, Coordinator of IUFRO Research Group 3.05.00 - Forest operations ecology, participated in the project as the project leader and scientific advisor.

Scientific Organizations

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