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Small-scale Forestry

The Journal of the Small-scale Forestry Unit highlights diverse dimensions small-scale, nonindustrial forests and location-specific problems of forests under fragmented owner-structure and/or special property rights arrangement.

Since 2007 the Journal Small-scale Forestry is published by Springer and will be included in OARE and AGORA, two important initiatives for developing countries.  These initiatives provide scientists, researchers, and policymakers in low-income countries with free or very low-cost online access to Springer journals.

Small-scale Forestry is published both in print and electronic format.


Individuals belonging to IUFRO member institutions and Associate Members of IUFRO are offered a special membership subscription for the online version of Small-scale Forestry (the offer does not apply to institutional subscribers).

The yearly subscription rate for 2008 / 2009 is € 35.00 / $42.00 which is a 50% discount off the normal individual rate.

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History of the Journal

In 2002, the journal of Small-scale Forest Economics, Management and Policy (SFEMP) was established under the auspices of IUFRO Research Group 3.08.00 and the first issue released in August 2002. The first issue of Small-scale Forestry under Springer auspices was published in March 2007.

All issues are available at


  • IUFRO International Conference on Small-Scale Forestry: Small-Scale Forestry and Modern Society; Tartu, Estonia; 22-26 August 2023. Book of Abstracts
  • Small-scale Forestry International Conference 2022: Progress in Small-scale Forestry beyond the Pandemic and Global Climate Change; Okinawa, Japan; 26-31 October 2022. IUFRO Units involved: 3.08.00, 9.06.00. Proceedings - Interview with Christoph Hartebrodt, Ryoko Ishizaki and Ikuo Ota for IUFRO News 11/12, 2022  
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  • Future Directions of Small-Scale and Community-Based Forestry; Fukuoka, Japan; 8-12 September 2013. Units involved: 3.08.00, 6.08.00, 6.08.01. Proceedings - Report website (presentations, proceedings, photos)
  • Small-Scale Forestry: Synergies and Conflicts in Social, Ecological and Economic Interactions; Freiburg, Germany; 24-28 July 2011. Abstracts - Proceedings
  • International Symposium: Recent advances in land owner extension; Kuusamo, Finland; 3-5 April 2011. Proceedings
  • Small Scale Forestry in a Changing World: Opportunities and Challenges and the Role of Extension and Technology Transfer; Bled, Slovenia; 6-12 June 2010. Units involved: 3.08.00, 6.06.01, 6.06.02. Proceedings
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    View proceedings on-line: 
    View streaming videos of symposium presentations: 
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