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Upcoming IUFRO meetings

The 2nd Global Evapotranspiration Symposium: Advances, Challenges, and Future Needs in Measurements, Modeling, and Applications; Penn State University, PA, USA; 23-27 October 2023. Conference homepage    

Past IUFRO meetings

  • ICBR at the 15th Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP-15) with Major Deal; Montreal, Canada; 19 December 2022. Units involved: 8.01.07, 1.10.00. Conference website - Report 
  • 5th International Conference on Forests and Water 2018; Valdivia, Chile; 5-9 November 2018. IUFRO Units involved: 8.01.07, Task Force on Forests, Soil and Water Interactions. Conference homepage - First announcement  - Report  
  • "Planted forests and their role in water quality and quantity dynamics across the landscape", session at the 4th International Congress on Planted Forests; Beijing, China, 23-27 October, 2018
    Contact:  Dr. Shirong Liu and  Dr. Adam Wei
  • Session on forests and hydrological processes at the International Symposium of Ecohydrology and Water Security: Opportunities & Challenges from Developing Countries; Xi’an, China; 16-18 October, 2018
    Contact: Dr. Pengtao Yu and Dr. Adam Wei    
  • Forests landscapes in times of changing climate and water resources; Corvallis, Oregon, USA; 13-14 September 2018. IUFRO Units involved: Task Force on Forest Adaptation and Restoration under Global Change, Task Force on Forests, Soil and Water Interactions, 8.01.07, 1.06.00. Report  
  • 4th International Conference on Forests and Water in a Changing Environment; Kelowna, BC, Canada; 6-9 July 2015. Units involved: 8.01.07, TF on Forest and Water Interactions. Conference homepage - 1st announcement - Call for abstracts - Template for abstracts - Report 
  • International Conference on Responses of Forests and Adaptation Management to Climate Change; Yichun, Heilongjiang, China; 8-10 August 2011. 1st announcement - 1st announcement: update - 2nd announcement - Registration form - Report - Group picture - Picture of meeting     
  • The 2nd  International Conference on Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources in Siberia (CFGRS-2009): "Genetics of sustainable and productive forest trees under anthropogenic effects and global climate change";  Novosibirsk, Russia; 3-9 August 2009. Units involved: 2.02.00, 8.01.07. First announcement: Word - PDF; Second announcement: Word - PDF