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  • Natural Resources, Green Technology and Sustainable Developement/4 - GREEN2022; Zagreb and Jastrebarsko, Croatia; 14-16 September 2022. Units involved: 5.00.00, 8.00.00, 8.04.00, 9.00.00. Book of Abstracts

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    Book of Abstracts  -  Final conference presentations  
  • International and multi-disciplinary scientific conference "Forest policy and governance: Analyses in the environmental social sciences"; Bogor, Indonesia; 4–6 October 2016. Units involved: 9.00.00, 9.05.00.
  • International Conference on Natural Resources, Green Technology and Sustainable Development; Zagreb, Croatia; 26-28 November 2014. Book of Abstracts - Proceedings

Publications of interest

Orchestrating forest policy making: Involvement of scientists and stakeholders in political processes 
Edited by Daniela Kleinschmit, Laura Secco, Arnaud Sergent, Ida Wallin and Helga Pülzl. Forest Policy and Economics, Volume 89, Pages 1-106, April 2018.                 

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