Definitions for Scientific Summaries

IUFRO News has a new column which addresses on a regular basis the challenge of saying exactly what you mean and meaning what you say: we will provide definitions of emerging terms and inform on needs for clarification of forest terminology in issues related to the Editorial of IUFRO News.

If you are interested in definitions used in Scientific Summaries, the terminology initiatives in IUFRO - SilvaVoc and 6.03.02 - welcome your thoughts about the definition and the following questions:
- are the definitions provided all too encompassing, should they be more 'precise'?
- are there equivalent terms in the IUFRO official (French, Spanish, German) and other languages? If not, which one would you provide?

Please contact us at prueller(at) or at kaennel(at)
The resulting definitions, language equivalents and/or summaries of discussion will be available in the IUFRO terminology database SilvaTerm.

Renate PrüllerMichèle Kaennel Dobbertin

Coordinator SilvaVoc

Coordinator 6.03.02