Forest Health e-learning platform


Forest and climate change are in everbody's mind … It is thus important to have a good knowledge of the concepts, interpretations and definitions related to the impacts of climate change on the forest condition. Forest health as a key concept comprises in its widest context forest protection, entomology, forest pathology, assessment and monitoring of forest condition and potential adaptation of forest structures to climate variability and damage events.

An e-learning website has, thus, been developed for a rapid and flexible acquisition of knowledge, concepts and contents related to forest and climate change. It is focused on a diversity of users, students in forestry or languages, forest scientists, translators and interpreters as well as writers and editors in diverse media and policy makers. We aim at explaining the concepts through a selected number of references to literature, by providing definitions and translations in English, French, Spanish and German in a terminology database, and finally by visualising the key concepts and term relationships in graphical representations.

A section with tests is designed to monitor the technical vocabulary and contents learnt.