Pacific Islands Forest Restoration Training

The training workshop was organized as an on-line event, conducted using ZOOM. It was comprised of six two-hour sessions, one-day-a-week for six weeks. The workshop was delivered from 28 July to 1 September 2021 and preceded by six weeks of one-hour, online planning meetings between the IUFRO Team and experts of the US Forest Service and Pacific Islands institutions.

The standard IUFRO FLR facilitator training program is organized into seven modules, progressing from conceptualization, to assessing stakeholders and governance to designing, technically implementing, financing, monitoring, and evaluating FLR, and communicating its results. Modules are complemented by reflection and mentoring activities that encourage the application of theoretical frameworks to real experiences and using this to expand understanding of the underlying theory.

A total of 24 participants from 9 countries in the Pacific Islands joined the workshop and actively contributed their local experiences with operating restoration projects.

The workshop report can be downloaded here.