I) Scientist Assistance Programme

How to Take Advantage of It

The Scientist Assistance Programme (SAP) is designed to provide forest scientists  from economically disadvantaged countries in Africa,  Asia and Latin America with financial assistance to participate in  scientific meetings and conferences organized by IUFRO’s Divisions, Research Groups and Working Parties.

The support is directed to in-service forest scientists working at national or sub-national institutions of research and higher education that are involved in forest- and tree-related research and academic training programmes. In economically disadvantaged countries such institutions have very limited means to support their scientists to attend IUFRO conferences.

General information: All countries pertaining to the World Bank's list of low income economies and lower middle income economies fall within the category of economically disadvantaged countries.

The SAP is implemented by IUFRO’s Special Programme for Development of Capacities (SPDC) and based on the following general policy guidelines:

  • Support is directed to those scientists who are contributing to a particular IUFRO meeting in the form of a paper or poster presentation;
  • Only scientists who are employed at an institution in an economically disadvantaged country and reside in an economically disadvantaged country are eligible for support;
  • Preference is  given to early- to mid-career forest scientists (below the age of 46 years) who are in need of further developing their expertise and skills as a researcher;
  • Highest priority in providing sponsorship is given to IUFRO officeholders and forest scientists working in IUFRO member institutions, though scientists working in other forest-related research institutions which are not IUFRO member institutions will also be supported depending on funding available;
  • In order to spread support as widely as possible among the forest science community, sponsorship will not be provided to the same scientist in two consecutive years;
  • The selection of candidates will also be geared to achieve both geographical and gender balance.

Based on the general policy outlined above, the criteria for the selection of candidates for sponsorship include:

The candidate

  • has an accepted paper or poster approved by the scientific committee of the meeting
  • is employed at an IUFRO member organization (or other forest-related research institution) in an economically disadvantaged country
  • is an early or mid-career scientist
  • resides in an economically disadvantaged country
  • has not received travel funding by IUFRO within the past year

What SAP Covers

Generally, under the IUFRO-SPDC’s Scientist Assistance Programme the following costs are covered:

  • economy class return flight ticket (procured by SPDC office) from the airport nearest to the delegate’s place of residence to the airport nearest to the meeting venue;
  • local transport to/from the airport;
  • accommodation during the duration of the meeting is arranged and paid for;
  • registration fees, paid directly to the meeting organiser     as well as
  • a moderate daily subsistence allowance for meals not covered in the registration fees is paid out in cash to the delegate.

Additionally, IUFRO-SPDC reimburses visa costs against receipt, in case a visa should be required.

To bear in mind: Costs for travel insurance (including health insurance, insurance for lost baggage etc.) are not covered. However, if the meeting takes place in Europe (the Schengen-area) IUFRO-SPDC arranges for health insurance for the delegate for the time of stay as this is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa.

What to bear in mind if you are a meeting organizer:

As a meeting organizer designing the scientific program of the conference or workshop, you know best which of the submitted papers/posters should be presented. Therefore we ask you  to short-list candidates for consideration and send this list to the SPDC office (spdc(at)iufro.org)

Ideally, the list should also include more detailed information about the proposed candidates for sponsorship including the following items:

  • the exact names and contact details of your preferred candidates,
  • their position and organization,
  • their gender,
  • their country of origin,
  • their country of residence,
  • their age, as well as
  • an estimate of the costs involved in their participation in the meeting (registration fee, accommodation, local transport if foreseen).

Please note that we have to plan for the financial support a considerable time ahead so we appreciate an early request, at least 3 months in advance.

Contact: spdc(at)iufro.org

What to bear in mind if you are a forest scientist from an economically disadvantaged country:

If you would like to receive scientist assistance for your participation in an IUFRO Meeting please make sure that you fulfill the above-mentioned general requirements and contact the respective organizer of the meeting – they shall be the point of contact for IUFRO-SPDC in all regards concerning the selection of candidates.

Contact: Meeting organizer (Please consult IUFRO’s Calendar of Events: http://www.iufro.org/events/calendar/current/)

General information: All countries pertaining to the World Bank's list of low income economies and lower middle income economies fall within the catagory of economically disadvanged countries.