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Online Policy Forum "Untapping the potential of non-wood forest products for Europe's green economy" online from FAO Rome, Italy
Contact: James Chamberlain, Email:

Calendar of Meetings

The IUFRO Task Force will review the state-of-knowledge, identify research gaps, advance empirical analysis, examine challenges and opportunities, and develop recommendations as required to advance the harmonised integration of NTFPs into the national and global bioeconomies. It will, as relevant, also reach out to other IUFRO Task Forces to realise synergy, e.g., in relation to the Forest Biomass Network.

To achieve the goal and objectives, the Task Force will work along three lines:

  1. Facilitate dialogue with a global interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral network of researchers working on the interfaces of markets, products, policies, and forest resources and engage these colleagues in discussions and examinations of issues related to the Task Force objectives.
  2. Build on this dialogue to examine, summarise, and propose frameworks that support the understanding and reporting of NTFP contributions to the bioeconomy.
  3. Establish a process to synthesise the 'state-of-knowledge' on NTFPs and the bioeconomy. Focus on (i) developing conceptual and analytical frameworks, (ii) identifying, describing, and analysing cases where NTFPs play a significant economic role at regional or national levels, and (ii) identifying recommendations for integration of NTFPs into bioeconomy strategies.

Upcoming events

  • POSTPONED DUE TO CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK - NEW DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED!  - Is there a room for the small scale enterprises in the forest bioeconomy? Castelfranco Veneto, Italy – 2-5 June 2020. Units involved: 4.05.00, Task Force "Unlocking the Bioeconomy and Non-Timber Forest Products". 1st announcement 
  • Online Policy Forum "Untapping the potential of non-wood forest products for Europe's green economy"; online from FAO Rome; 2-3 February 2021. Forum homepage  

Past events

  • INCREDIBLE-IUFRO Webinar; online; 16-17 September 2020. Report
  • The Social and Ecological Value Added of Small-Scale Forestry to the Bio-Economy; Bolzano, Italy; 6-9 October 2020. IUFRO Units involved: 4.05.00, 4.05.01, 4.05.02, 4.05.03, 4.05.04, 4.05.05, Task Force on Unlocking the Bioeconomy and Non-Timber Forest Products. Conference website - Report - Pictures   

Send comments to James Chamberlain (Task Force Coordinator)