Forest Adaptation and Restoration under Global Change

TF Forest Adaptation and Restoration under Global Change

Task Force Coordinator:

Andreas Bolte, Germany


Mercy Afua Adutwumwaa Derkyi, Ghana

Palle Madsen, Denmark

John Stanturf, United States

Announcement: TF Online Survey on Forest Adaptation and Restoration

The Task Force is glad to announce that Online Survey on Forest Adaptation and Restoration is now online available under:

Participants in the survey can choose among 13 languages. For any remarks to the survey (content and technical aspects), please contact directly Markus Hoehl (markus.hoehl(at)

Why this Task Force?

Forests and forest landscapes worldwide have to face global change, including:

  • Climate change, in particular with extreme weather events (disturbances),
  • Novel and changing pathogen impacts, and
  • Changing social demands for forestry and land use due to increased demands for meat and dairy, bioenergy production, and environmental services.

In the face of these challenges, there is an increasing need for forest ecosystems and forest landscapes adapted and adaptive to varying demands on ecosystem services and changing environments. The Task force work is dedicated to globally compile and improve knowledge how to achieve an optimal adaptation status of forest and forests landscapes.

What is the novel approach?

We are introducing the Adaptive Measure (AM) approach:

  • considering all actions that increase adaptive capacity of forests and forest land,
  • combining Adaptive Forest Management (AFM) concepts on stand-scale with Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) concepts on landscape scale,
  • linking national and trans-national politics, as well as trans-disciplinary expertise in various fields of forest ecology, silviculture, forest restoration, genetics, social science and politics, and
  • integrating experts and working activities among various IUFRO sections.

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