Sustainable Planted Forests for a Greener Future

TF Sustainable Planted Forests for a Greener Future

Task Force Coordinator:

Christophe Orazio, France


Peter Hamilton Freer-Smith, United States

Tim Payn, New Zealand

Margarida Tomé, Portugal


In 2013, the 3rd International Congress on Planted Forests was held to discuss the current state of knowledge on planted forests globally and regionally.  Amongst a number of findings, the congress noted that planted forest area continued to increase and that the goods and services provided by these forests were becoming increasingly diverse. The interaction of planted forests with other land uses within landscapes and their contribution to poverty alleviation and food security was identified. Risks to planted forests from climate change, socio-economic pressures and responses to these risks were seen as important. A global analysis indicated the importance of planted forests for economic, environmental and social values, and also the complementary nature of planted forests to natural forests. Regional perspectives indicated that expansion of planted forests varies regionally as do issues affecting them. Among several recommendations (ICPF 2013 Summary Report), the congress called for increased international scientific cooperation to strengthen the commitment to research and development and considered such efforts as being critical to the sustainable management of planted forests. The Task Force has been set up to address research needs concerning emerging issues of major significance to global forest policy and sustainable development goals; they relate to thematic areas such as vulnerability and risk management, sustainable intensification, governance and socio-economic viability, ecosystem services and landscape restoration.

Leaflet on the Task Force for download


Reflecting increased pressure on forest resources, the task force will focus in its first term of 2 years (2015-2017) on key issues related to the intensification of planted forest management in order to meet the increasing demand for forest products from growing populations and green economies, and doing this sustainably to reflect the changing global environment (Sustainable Intensification). Overall outcomes of the task force will be:

  • an enduring multidisciplinary platform for international and pan IUFRO scientific collaborations based on the task force themes;
  • an improved interface between IUFRO science activities and wider society and policy initiatives related to planted forests;
  • internationally coordinated research programmes which will take forward the research needs on sustainability of planted forests.

Task Force activities will include: (i) networking through organization of specific sessions in scientific events; (ii) enhancing science and research collaboration through publication of joint papers; and (iii) fostering science - society/policy interface through specific workshops and side-events in international congress.

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