Forests and Climate Change

TF Forests and Climate Change

Task Force Coordinator:

Markku Kanninen, Finland


Gert Jan Nabuurs, Netherlands

Rationale and objective(s)

The objective of the Forests and Climate ChangeTask Force is to add value to existing processes of research and policy formulation on forests and climate change by:

a)    identifying and filling unfilled niches in the agenda-servicing landscape on issues that are already "hot",

b)    Contributing to agenda-setting on issues that are not “hot” (but should be), and

c)    Facilitating information exchange and learning through products, processes, and events that already underway within IUFRO, IPCC, CPF and elsewhere.
The Task Force will work within the framework defined by IUFRO Strategy, and the Task Force will particularly focus on the following themes:

d)    Climate change impacts on forest ecosystems (including insects and pathogens) and forest-dependent people

e)    Feedbacks between land cover dynamics, forest disturbance processes and climate change

f)    Options for adaptation and trade-offs between adaptation, conservation, and/or socio-cultural needs

g)    REDD and other opportunities for carbon mitigation, including governance and institutional arrangements

Task Force members

  • Division 5:    Pekka Saranpää, Finland
  • Division 6:    Tuija Sievänen, Finland, Seema Arora Jonsson, Sweden, Alexander Alekseev, Russia, Oka Karyanto, Indonesia
  • Division 7:    Andrea Battisti, Italy, Nancy Grulke, USA, Rainer Matyssek, Germany
  • Division 9:    Olufunso Somorin, Cameroon, Daniela Kleinschmit, Sweden


  • Members of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF)
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

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