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  • Forests in Women's Hands - International Conference on Women in Forestry 2020; online from Traunkirchen, Austria; 12-13 April 2021. Conference homepage
  • 3rd International Forest Policy Meeting - IFPM3; Freiburg, Germany; 17-18 March 2021. Units involved: 9.05.00, 9.05.04, Task Force on Gender Equality in Forestry. Event website   

Task Force Workplan

1)    Map the gender balance within the IUFRO network
To be carried out 1st period; October 2019 – September 2021

Gender differences in networking have been cited as one of the main reasons for gender career development and promotion gaps (e.g. Saloner 1985; Durbin 2011; Beaman and Magruder 2012) and academic networks have shown to be no exception (e.g. Gersick et al. 2000; Elg and Jonnergård 2003; Ceci et al. 2014). We will map the gender-balance within the IUFRO network with a view to better understand the opportunities and constraints faced by scientists undertaking research in forestry.

This mapping will be carried out through e.g. a survey to officeholders regarding gender competencies and activities within the units, and an organizational analysis of the IUFRO network and its structure from a gender perspective. The participation of the latest IUFRO congresses (Freiburg and Curitiba) will analyzed based on basic patterns such as number of women and men by positions visibility, research topics and regions. The findings of the mapping will be theoretically framed and analyzed with a focus on how women and men are included, what subtext is presented by IUFRO, comparing the IUFRO to other forms of professional networks, and discussing the strengths and weaknesses of IUFRO in an organizational context.

2)    In selected countries examine the gender balance and analyze gender equality initiatives within the forest sector
To be carried out 1st period; 2019 – 2021

We will examine gender equality initiatives, driven by policy initiatives and processes at different levels, in countries of the Global North and South. Through these diverse case studies, we will not only learn about the context specific approaches and their effectiveness but even more important to better understand how research and academic education have contributed to motivate, initiate and carry out different policy processes regarding gender mainstreaming in a forestry context. Nine countries have offered to participate (Austria, Bolivia, Canada, Columbia, Ethiopia, Finland, India, New Zeeland, Sweden),  however more may be added..  In addition, through cooperation with the IUFRO-IFSA Joint Task Force on Forest Education, we will be able to more thoroughly consider different aspects of gender in education.

3)    Identify and compile the existing expertise/competence on gender research and gender equality research and actions
To be carried out 2nd period; 2021-2024

A web-based survey to all office holders will be carried out asking about their personal knowledge/ involvement/competence in gender research and gender equality research and actions, as well as their knowledge of other researchers associated with their specific IUFRO unit that may have competence in this matter.  We will ask the IUFRO headquarters to help with the administration.  We, the Task Force will make a quality assessment of the competence and then compile a list of experts on different gender topics with the IUFRO network with which IUFRO can establish a public database on gender and forestry competence.

4)    Develop an action plan for the IUFRO network that promotes and supports the SDG #5 and thereby the entire suite of SDGs
To be carried out 2nd period;  2021 – 2024

There are different ways to make a successful action plan to motivate change, but there are also some common basic features. Our action plan will emerge from a solid evidence base, foster an inclusive mindset, and communicate and recognize progress.  In this particular context, we will i) collect and analyze data to explain and advance gender equity and diversity in the forest sector ii) create pathways for the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in forest research and education iii)  measure, report, and promote progress towards gender equity. Thus, the action plan will be developed using a participatory and inclusive process during the mid-congress period (2019-2024). Inputs will be sought from a diverse set of groups within the IUFRO network through various consultations and strategic dialogues organized during major IUFRO events.

5)    Help organize "Gender Equality in Forestry" as a sub-theme at the 2024 Congress
To be carried out 2nd period; 2021 - 2024

The Task Force will be responsible to make sure that gender equality will be the basis for the organization of the next World Congress in 2024. The overarching theme for the next Congress has already been set by IUFRO. The theme is forests and society towards 2050 and the overall objective is the identification of how changes such as population growth, climate change, and drastic changes of values in society or rapid technological developments and new demands will affect the future research agenda in accordance with Agenda 2030 and the IUFRO strategy. Gender equality can and should therefore be integrated in both the organization and the content of the congress since a focus on gender represents a significant value shift societies globally. Inclusion of gender equality as a cross-cutting theme can be done in different ways. SLU has the responsibility for organizing the conference while IUFRO itself has the responsibility for the content of the congress. Jonas Rönnberg is heading the SLU steering committee and is also part of this task force which will safeguard the gender component in the organization. With this Task Force, IUFRO will also take responsibility for ensuring that gender equality is an important theme in the congress. There are several ways of bringing in gender equality, e.g. as a sub-theme, as a focus in sessions, during plenary board discussions, and side events.

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