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Post-doctoral position on functioning and resilience of mixed-species forests // 1 October 2017

The Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre is offering a post-doctoral position on functioning and resilience of mixed-species forests. The Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre is a leading research group regarding forest ecology and management, and it cooperates with national and international projects related to different silvicultural systems, forest inventory and planning, forest production, nature conservation and natural resource economics. A better understanding of functioning and resilience of mixed forests has the potential to accommodate measures in forestry for adaptation of forest management, mitigate climate change and to increase biodiversity. It is known that functional complementarity associated with higher diversity may increase productivity in terrestrial ecosystems, but knowledge about casual relationships behind these effects in many different forest types is still basically unknown. This project will work with mixtures and monocultures of spruce and pine, oak and pine, and beech and pine. These plots are established within triplets along gradients through Europe. The project will also utilize national forest inventory data and various eco-physiological methods. This post-doc will work within the European research team of REFORM and is expected to initiate, plan and lead research, write scientific articles and supervise graduate students.

Organization: Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, Faculty of Forest Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) 
Duty station: Alnarp, Sweden
Submit application by: 1 October 2017

Details: http://www.slu.se/en/about-slu/jobs-vacancies/read-more/?eng=1&Pid=5337      

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